BioTech Market is Soaring. Could This Stock Double?

A new innovative medical stock is starting to gain investor and consumer interest in the United States in 2016. But before you get into this micro cap opportunity, watch this video till the end to find out how this tiny company could become the next big thing in no time.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, only 56% of Americans say they get a good night’s sleep on a typical work or school night – that means almost half the country is restless, uncomfortable and looking for a solution.

The number one complaint of people making use of sleeping pills is the daytime sedation they experience after the fact – feeling drowsy in the morning and throughout the day. Secondarily, most pills do little to address the stress instead “forcing” their bodies to sleep by depressing the central nervous systems.

Many branded sleeping pills currently on the market come with serious side effects too – ranging from dizziness and nausea to sleepwalking and loss of short term memory – something that has people uncomfortable, but there’s little choice in the current market.

It’s estimated that in 2011 alone, 40 million prescriptions for sleeping aids were dispensed – sales of generic Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) came to $2.8 billion dollars while Lunesta amounted in another $912 million.

Current issues aside, prescription sleep aids are some of the most heavily marketed drugs and while the need for them is only increasing, not a lot of alternatives have been offered – alternatives that would put the minds of consumers at ease and change the market as we know it.

Could This New Sleep Aid Change the Industry as We Know it?

That’s where Zleepax from Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. ( Stock Symbol: BKITwebsite) comes in. Zleepax is a patent-pending innovative sleeping pill with beta blockers as the major active ingredient which addresses stress related insomnia as one of the first sleeping pills ever to focus on this specific cause of sleep disorders. Unlike a lot of other medications with severe side effects, Zleepax (Stock Symbol: BKIT) uses third generation beta blockers, which have been shown to have milder side effects and work excellently as a sleep enhancer. Their special patent applications (using beta blockers like Nebivolol) have been shown to specifically target the most common form of sleep disorder, i.e. focusing on stress-related insomnia instead of merely ignoring the source and treating the symptoms. While other medications can be dangerously addictive, have tolerance build-up and create residual daytime sedation, Zleepax (Stock Symbol: BKIT) has been able to formulate a solution that dramatically reduces those concerns, with minimal side effects to boot. Zleepax touts a number of competitive advantages:

  • No cognitive impairment
  • No respiratory depression
  • No tolerance build-up
  • No physical dependence or abuse
  • No reaction with alcohol or prescription medication
  • No rebound insomnia withdrawal

The company behind Zleepax – Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. (Stock Symbol: BKIT) is not just another start-up with a revolutionary idea.

Birger Jan Olsen Founder, Inventor and CEO

Birger Jan Olsen
Founder, Inventor and CEO

The initial work on Zleepax started in 2007 by CEO and industry innovator Birger Jan Olsen and through years of research they ended up filing patent applications PCT/DK2008/000249 and EP20080758258, covering the use of specific beta blockers (alone or in combination with other anti-insomnia drugs) for the treatment of stress-related insomnia. BKIT‘s business model is not to compete with the big pharmaceutical companies – in fact, the model is simple. They will finalize the product development, team up with a major pharmaceutical company (like GSK, Merck etc.) and enter into a license agreement, thereby taking advantage of the big players access to distribution and marketing. This route leaves BKIT as the patent holder with recurrent income streams for years and years to come.

The Market is Waking Up – Is it the right time for Zleepax and BKIT?

The medical industry is booming and most seasoned investors keep that in mind when building their stock portfolios.

Can you imagine yourself being given the opportunity to invest in GSK, Merck and Lundbeck when they were just coming out onto the market and shares were going for just a fraction of what they are today?

CNN Money reported that 4 out of 5 of the Best Performing IPOs in 2015 have been pharmaceutical companies including companies such as Spark Therapeutics Inc (ONCE) and Aduro BioTech Inc,( ADRO).

Did you miss out? If so, BKIT might just be your chance to not miss out again.

Here’s another success story – in 2005, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc launched Lunesta (one of the most commonly prescribed sleep medications) and it generated $329 million in sales in it’s first nine months alone, an unprecedented amount for a new drug on the market and their success has only continued.

Between the increasing need for sleep aids, and the demand that side effects be lessened, Blake Insomnia Therapeutics, Inc. (BKIT) and its’ breakthrough sleeping pill Zleepax is perfectly poised to become a strong market player in this vastly growing industry. Some of the giants (GSK, Merck and Lundbeck) have all been forced to abandon planned follow-ups to their current sleep medications, which means there is a massive gap in the current industry, even as demand for sleep medication increases. Zleepax is already in clinical testing and dedicated to total compliance.

BKIT website: here
Stock quote: BKIT

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