5 Ways a Stylus Will Boost Your Work Productivity

If you don’t already have a stylus, you know how frustrating taking notes can be. Whether you’re in a meeting, on a call, brainstorming ideas or just writing your thoughts down, having a stylus making things so much easier and much more efficient. With a stylus, you can easily write and customise each and every […]

If you don’t already have a stylus, you know how frustrating taking notes can be. Whether you’re in a meeting, on a call, brainstorming ideas or just writing your thoughts down, having a stylus making things so much easier and much more efficient.

  1. With a stylus, you can easily write and customise each and every one of your important emails or texts. In addition to easily editing photos or designs necessary for work, users can write and quickly save notes and even add numbers or texts to them and save/share them directly. The ease is in the flick of your wrist, rather than the more time-consuming option of typing things out or scanning in hand drawn images. When it comes to brainstorming and diagramming, having a stylus is a no brainer.
  2. The latest apps, both on iOS and android, allow stylus to integrate with your workflow and transform your organic work patterns into digital form. Just look up any apps that related to your professional area of expertise, and see that having a stylus will improve your workflow in at least one or two simple ways.
  3. While bigger phone screens or tablets mean better viewing and more space for apps and notetaking, it also means awkward hand positions while typing or the fear of dropping your phone/making too many mistakes while writing something. Stylus pens allow users to easily hold the phone in one hand and write away with the other without any fear.
  4. Stylus pens can save the day and a whole lot of screen trouble as they’re specially designed for your smartphone/tablet screens and keep the screens completely safe. They’ll not only keep your precious phone screen scratch and smudge free but even save you money for screen damage repairs.
  5. The most obvious benefit perhaps, and while not exactly a performance booster directly, is the fact you’ll likely never have to buy pens or notepads again. Just forget them entirely, because the future is digital, and the solution is getting yourself a stylus.

With the right stylus, you can work smarter, create more, get organized, and write or draw on your tablet with ease. The Adonit stylus family has a wide variety of options and offers something for everyone. The Mini stylus for example, is available for just £17.25.

Adonit Ink PRO Windows Specific Stylus for Business – Available from Amazon for £79.99

Certified by Microsoft, Adonit’s Ink PRO provides a turnkey stylus solution to any Window’s device and the perfect business accessory. Write and draw in exquisite detail with Ink PRO’s 1mm fine point tip and the pressure sensitive stylus will emulate real handwriting with lines appear thicker or thinner depending on how hard you press with Ink while driving. The Palm Rejection feature also means that you can write comfortably without worrying about extra marks on the page and the shortcut buttons allow you to erase and right click with ease. With the ability to work with Cortana for voice control, you can set up meetings with ease and the laser pointer is ideal for when doing a big presentation.

Adonit Droid for Android – Available from Amazon for £19.99

Designed exclusively for Android high resolution touchscreen devices, the Droid is Adonit’s first micro precision disc stylus for Android. Featuring a newly engineered 4.75mm micro-size disc made of PET material to never scratch or damage the screen, it is the perfect accessory for touchscreen users whether for design, notes or doodling. It can be used with many apps such as notetaking OneNote or SketchBook to be more creative and simply connected to any device without batteries or pairing so no problem to use when in a rush! The dampening tip also helps writing with a stylus to be a more natural experience and prevent mistakes or errors.

For the iPad, there is also the Pixel – £59.25 on Amazon

The Pixel offers unparalleled precision, increased tip drag, and pressure sensitivity for natural writing and drawing across all the latest iPad models. The Pixel’s improved 1.9mm tip creates a paper-like drag that’s more precise and responsive than ever before.

The Pixel is a pressure sensitive stylus with 2048 levels of sensitivity. Now, you can create nuanced strokes of varying width and weight like an ink pen or brush. PALM REJECTION – Rest your palm comfortably on screen without fear of unwanted marks. SHORTCUT BUTTONS – Programmable shortcut buttons give you easy, one-touch access to your most used tools like erase, redo, and scroll to zoom. The Pixel’s brushed aluminium body and sleek, ergonomic design define its aesthetic as an iconic multimedia tool. Pixel is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the hand. The built in grip sensor activates Pixel when you pick it up after it has first been turned on. Now, there’s no more waiting, Pixel is always ready when you are.

Adonit Mini 4 Pocket Sized Universal Stylus – Available from Amazon for £17.25

The Mini 4 is a pocket sized stylus from Adonit that features a precision disc to write exactly where it is placed as users can see down to the point with the transparent disc. The new dampening tip is engineered into one piece for added stability whilst still providing a pen to paper feel. Untwist at the colour seam to reveal the disc, flip it around and twist closed to securely attach and then use the laser cut clip to make it easy and simple to carry whilst traveling. Available in four colours and compatible with all touchscreen devices it is the ideal stylus.

Adonit Snap 2 Stylus – Available from Amazon for £29.99

Designed specifically for social media users, the Snap 2 combines both a digital pen with a Bluetooth camera shutter remote. Featuring a PixelPoint precision tip that allows for personalizing photos and doodles, writing or drawing with the pen will be both accurate and feel comfortable with its lightweight design. The Bluetooth camera shutter remote allows users to take photos at the press of a button. Whether selfies or group shots, the Snap 2 lets users capture the perfect moment. With a single burst option and a new triple burst, photos can either be taken with one shot or three continuous shots. Rechargeable in 1 hour to give 12 hours of battery life and a magnetic back that will stick to any iPhone it is perfect for on the go.

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