5 Reasons Not to Buy a Replica Watch

“Should I buy a replica?” is a question asked by 30% of people interested in watches online, according to the Swiss Watch Industry.

It is striking that almost a third of people are looking for fake watches when there are many reasons not to buy a replica. But fortunately, most online consumers still tend to choose original luxury watches from sites like www.watchshopping.com.

Despite the luxury watch industry’s efforts to destroy the replica market – in 2010, they steamed over 7,000 replicas in a marketing ploy. Yet still, people buy replicas.

However, one thing has changed. If you want to buy a replica today, you don’t have to look too far. They are usually sold by private sellers on the streets of New York, London or Hong Kong, along with other fake items. So if you are using a replica, you probably know that it is a fake.

If you are thinking of buying a replica, we hope that after reading these five reasons not to buy a fake watch you will think again.

1. You Risk Your Reputation

Many fake watch owners think no one will realize they are wearing a replica. That’s why they decide to buy one. There’s the thought: “Why should I buy something real if I can buy something exactly the same for a lot less?” We are sorry to say, but this thinking is totally wrong.

A replica is never the same as the real one.

You can use your money to buy a watch made by Swiss watchmakers with hundreds of years of tradition and design, using the highest quality materials and, in some cases, years spent making a watch. Or you could spend $100 on a watch made by counterfeiters trying to create fake watches with bad movements and the cheapest materials they can find. It is very easy to distinguish a replica from a real watch. You can tell just by feeling it, and others will know that you bought an item from an illegal industry.

2. No Value in Counterfeit Watches

There is no value in fake watches, and they will be worth nothing to your children. They are made without experience, with materials of poor quality and movement that does not mark the time well. You cannot resell a fake watch, it will never be valued. Yes, you saved a few hundred dollars, but you got nothing good in return. You could have saved for a year and bought a real watch.

3. No Diving for You

Replicas are not waterproof. Some say they are, but do you trust someone without any skills who tried to reduce production costs on the watch you bought? You can buy a semi-new dive watch for under $2000, which is waterproof for diving, bathing or rain, and you will have a quality watch that you can pass on to your children, and them to your grandchildren.

4. Fake Straps Break Easily

In addition to a poor-quality dial and horrible movements, fake straps are usually very poorly made. The strap of a watch should be structurally perfect as it is in constant motion throughout the day. Several fake watch owners have seen their straps burst within a few months of wear.

5. You Support Illegal Industries Linked to the Replica Industry

There seems to be something morally wrong about buying replicas, right? Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer are huge companies with big money, who cares if they stop earning more? Well, in addition to destroying an industry that has been engaged in its production for hundreds of years, you also support the worst illegal industries in the process.

The counterfeiting industry is linked to organized crime, drugs, prostitution and human trafficking. The same people who will sell a fake Rolex may be involved in much worse business. Why support these industries just for a fake watch? On top of this, with a replica luxury watch you won’t be able to make the most of useful apps , like those on takes app, that come hand in hand with luxury smartwatches.

We can conclude that buying a replica is a very bad decision.

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