Investing In Tech: 2020 Investor Trends To Watch

With investors getting to grips with the new economic world we find ourselves in 2020, we highlight the key investment trends you need to be aware of when you out your money in technology.

International rolling lockdowns has left an undeniable mark on the economic future, leaving many of us uncertain and concerned about our wealth. The world is changing rapidly, and these changes influence investor preference; meaning that suitable investments in 2019 may no longer be solid sound choices. Even though predictors can sometimes be misleading, the following predicted trends are most likely to survive the impacts of the economic downturn and reward savvy-investors with high profits.

Digital Currencies

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others are leading the way towards an innovative future. There has never been a better time to invest in blockchain-based currencies as profit margins have not shown negative influence as a result of the Covid19 outbreak. If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, you will be able to transact between traditional currencies and digital currencies according to your strategy, which means you can move from Bitcoin to Euro or vice versa.

The value of Bitcoin is fuelled by popularity. Because investors did not pull out at the first signs of economic uncertainty, many now consider the revolutionary digital currency a safe haven investment in line with likes of commodities such as gold.

Micro Investing

Micro investing is fast becoming a popular trend in the world of investors as the solution allows anyone to invest, even with smaller amounts. As we witness the launch of several innovative micro-investing apps and platforms, this trend serves as an opportunity for all to build an impressive portfolio regardless of existing wealth. You will be able to spread your investments over several opportunities and gradually add funds as your budget allows.

In days gone by, only those with large lump sums of money could invest in lucrative opportunities, where we are now gifted with the opportunity to invest with as little as $10. The solution also allows investors time to navigate the markets without concern of losing everything.

Invest In Real Estate

It’s not exactly news that investing in property can be exceptionally lucrative, although, most of us assume you need quite a fortune to invest in real estate and so, we shun the idea. However, for those who would like to invest in real estate without having to worry about the nagging details such as caring for properties and tending to maintenance issues, real estate investment trusts are the perfect solution.

A real estate investment trust is quite similar to mutual funds while being strictly aimed at properties. With the prices of houses continually rising, this type of investment may genuinely be the perfect solution for those who would like to profit from properties without actually having to buy them.

Tailor Your Strategy

Before you start investing, pulling out of existing investments, or diversifying your portfolio, it is crucial to crafting a tailored investment strategy. Now more than ever, it is vital to monitor your investments daily, especially if you are opting for stocks. Feeding investments should only be made on value declines to boost profits.

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