Finance Monthly August 2018 Edition

32 EXECUTIVE INSIGHT - CLIMATE CHANGE basically states that climate change is an on- going catastrophe and that we need to act now. We all need to step up and come together. The political and economic elites are clearly not taking climate change and the threat against our ecosystems seriously enough, or we wouldn’t be where we are today. We can’t trust that political leaders, government officials and financial stakeholders will do enough by themselves – the challenge is too great, the issue too important, the catastrophe too imminent. We believe that real change will only come if a movement of ordinary citizens from all over the world demands change. We must push them, ourselves, and our peers, to do much more, and faster. By building the world’s largest social media platform focused on climate change, you, me, my friends, your friends, our families, all and everyone – can be the change by the power of many. If a large enough number of ordinary citizens come together to share information, policy proposals, solutions and demands for action, change will happen. Our platform could make that happen. Everyone – ordinary citizens, politicians, organisations and climate friendly companies could participate. We would like to involve everyone that shares our concern for the future. The long-term objective is to acquire at least 100 million active users that can propel real change on our platform. This will be financed through a revenue flow from advertising by climate-friendly corporations that want to engage conscious customers. What impact has We Don’t Have Time made on its cause since its creation? Is it what you expected? We launched the tools that I mentioned by hosting the world’s first “no-fly” global, climate conference, The 2018 We Don’t Have Time Climate Conference. Experts from all over the world participated on video call and in our studio. The conference attracted a global audience of 9,000 attendees from 90 countries. We haven’t launched the platform yet, but we publish blog posts regularly and are very active on social media. Over a million people either follow us, have interacted with our action tools, have watched clips from our launch or read our blog and our newsletter. What is the current threat that climate change poses on the world and the economy? We are already seeing it: Extreme weather, droughts, wildfires and floods. It will get worse. Climate change is an existential threat to our civilisation and thus, by extension, to the economy. We all, including investors and business leaders, have a moral obligation to take a long-term perspective, but it’s also in our self-interest. If we don’t solve this, the future will belong to warlords, not businesspeople. If you want to run a profitable company some years from now, then you need to focus less on maximising profit for the next quarter and more on how you and your peers can be part of the change that must happen. What would you say is the vital first step in raising awareness of climate change? It is to realise basic scientific facts about climate change. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere, global warming and the frequency of extreme weather events are undeniable facts that all point in a very alarming direction. Then you need to analyse the connection between your current lifestyle choices and green-house gas emissions. If you are a business leader, you need to analyse the carbon footprint of your organisation. From there, you can start making choices towards reducing your emissions. What can we do as individuals to aid in the battle against climate change? By making conscious, informed choices, and sticking to them. The best way to influence others Q Q Q Q

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