Finance Monthly - February 2022

Markets are currently abuzz with talk of sustainable investing and all things related to ESG (environmental, social and governance). However, while the concept has actually been around for some time, it is only in the last few years that sustainable investing was gaining any significant traction. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and, as it rippled across the world, many proponents feared the worse for sustainable investing’s trajectory, as governments, regulators and investors switched attention to short term recovery measures. But the worst did not happen, in fact, quite the opposite. The buzz about sustainable investing has continued to grow louder, as we are increasingly aware of how interconnected we are, but also the glaring inequalities we face. So, what does this mean for us now, as we look beyond the pandemic? 2022 appears to be the year that sustainable investing is set to skyrocket. Finance Monthly. 21 Inve s tmen t

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