Finance Monthly - February 2022

consistent remote working and overcommunicating (however well-intentioned) has prompted a sense of digital fatigue, and in some scenarios, greater anxiety and isolation. Ultimately, as our reliance on technology swells, a balance that works for the people using it must be found and maintained. This rests on the shoulders of leaders. Intentional leaders. For instance, with so many channels to monitor, work can become overwhelming. But an intentional leader will agree with their team on how best to communicate with each other – inclusive of all work styles – without crossing boundaries. Technology isn’t the answer to hybrid working but creating a space for everyone, especially for those that aren’t always the first to speak up, is what business leaders should be focusing on as they embrace the new normal. Fundamentally, businesses need to understand that the future will revolve around how they work and not where they work, or the tools they use. Indeed, the most technologically dependent era of working we’ve ever experienced has actually taught us more about ourselves as employees, managers and leaders than ever before. Leaders need to collect the lessons their teams have taught them; actively engage with their employees to understand what they want from their working environments and use these conversations to solidify working practices that are relevant today and can evolve in the future. Such strategies do not need to be prescriptive. Based on the feedback given, they should empower their staff to choose what is right for them, whilst meeting the expectations of the business. As with all workplace changes, there is no one right solution. Technology has enabled us to work wherever we are in the world, but it isn’t the answer to hybrid working. People are. The onus will be on managers and leaders to define what works and what doesn’t work for their teams and the business as a whole. What makes us more productive, more efficient, more inspired, more results orientated, more fulfilled? These are the questions to ask yourselves when trailing new technology. Such an approach ensures that whatever the futuremay hold for businesses, and however advanced ways of working become, people remain the priority, and that is always the key to success. Finance Monthly. Bus i ne s s & Economy 51

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