Finance Monthly - March 2022

36 Finance Monthly. Bank i ng & F i nanc i a l Se r v i ce s business, whether it’s through a digital channel, over the phone, or a little of both — especially when it comes to claims. It’s important in claims to always consider the empathy piece, as there is likely a traumatic event happening in someone’s life, and it can be emotional. Flexibility for people to opt in and out of digital channels depending on the circumstances is something we’ll continue to see. There will be a lot more that happens around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) this year. This technologywill continue tobecome more seamless, enhancing software already in existence to identify sentiment. The next version of analytics will also be a significant trend: There’s a lot of work being done around predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, which not only tells you that “X” is going to happen, but it also tells you what actions will have the most benefit. Another trend we’ll hear more about is how innovation can be achieved easier, faster, and cheaper. There will be technology available that doesn’t require as much maintenance from an IT perspective, and even more opportunities in the insuretech space for companies to leverage software across multiple areas throughout an organisation. For example, I may be talking to a vendor about their claims product, and they also have a capability that’s perfect for underwriting or other areas of the organisation. That synergy allows you to learn from the technology you’ve already implemented, making it faster and easier to enhance usage, and also allows for less maintenance and technological debt to manage. That’s an opportunity we’re going to see going forward: more insuretechs are looking at how to broaden their focus to address problems from multiple organisational areas. Many core systems in the insurance space are looking to expand and make it easier for carriers to innovate, exploring and identifying opportunities already part of licenses within the software to achieve solutions easier and cheaper than before. Core systems functioning outside of a silo make it easier for carriers to innovate and allow the insuretech to integrate with them easily and seamlessly. What is Amerisure working on in 2022? One of the largest initiatives we’re working on is the modernisation and upgrading of our core applications. While we’ve been on a modern claims system since 2015, it’s been an upgrade process to move the entire claims core system to the cloud. Having all major core systems on a modern platform will allow us to innovate and move forward at a much faster rate. Our claims systems will be in the cloud this year; moving our policy and billing systems to the cloud is a multi-year journey. As an organisation, we’ve made tremendous strides in how to approach the experience we want our customers to have, whether internal or external and focus on the customer journey. We’ve created multiple roles focused on the customer experience, and we’ve added a user experience group within IT to help us focus from a tech perspective, making sure it’s consistent and seamless. The teams will focus and look at opportunities from that perspective and help us feel cohesive and consistent across applications customers interact with. I’m excited to make tremendous strides here in 2022. One of the things I am most impressed with within our industry is, yes, there’s competition among carriers, as we are all trying to be successful and grow business — but we also are trying to help each other and are always looking to find ways to share information to help others be successful. I feel that it’s important to impart lessons to my industry peers that may help them. As I have looked at technologies, I’ve learned a lot from other companies, and it’s helped me identify how and where to focus. I’m very proud of how we all continue to help each other as an industry, and how so many industry leaders are working to pay it forward and share lessons learned.

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