Finance Monthly - March 2022

39 Finance Monthly. Bank i ng & F i nanc i a l Se r v i ce s HEALTH INSURANCE Difference Card: Changing the We sat down with Ashley Dube, Northeast Market Director at The Difference Card, on making a difference in the health insurance field. How is The Difference Card making a “difference” in the health insurance industry? Prior to my tenure here, I worked on the insurance carrier side selling ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, life & disability insurance. I was trapped in the mindset that insurance premiums were supposed to increase greater than inflation year over year. When delivering these increases to our clients, I put myself in the business owner’s shoes. The increase in costs led to a game of musical chairs reallocating assets from one line item to another trying to absorb the increase. Health insurance is typically the second biggest line item behind payroll. This makes it difficult to run a profitable business with a standard 9%+ increase in costs each year. I was passionate about making changes in an industry that had been stagnant for 30+ years. By chance, I stumbled upon The Difference Card, whose goal was to challenge the status quo. How has the pandemic affected the company, your services and the insurance industry as a whole? Being nimble and adapting to change allowed us to not skip a beat when the pandemic hit. We seamlessly transitioned to working remotely for all employees. Our key performance indicators improved drastically. I was truly proud to work for a company that was recognised as an industry Industry

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