Finance Monthly - August 2022

18 Finance Monthly. Bus i ne s s & Economy What does Gen Z think? The increasing interest in sustainability has created a space for young people to campaign for continued action against climate change. And thanks to the powerhouse voices of Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, and Mya-Rose Craig, Gen Z has become the generation of sustainable activists. According to a survey by Bupa, 63% of Gen Z and millennial respondents reported feeling the burden of climate change, compared to only 37% of Gen X and 28% of baby boomers. This could be a result of powerful media coverage that has raised awareness of the damage being caused by our behaviour. Firstly, Blue Planet in 2017, then the WWF advert ‘Fight for Your World’, which resonated deeply with many, stating that this is the first generation to know that we are destroying the world and the last to do anything about it. These values have gone on to influence the individual behaviours of older generations. And, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 39% of adults reduced the number of new goods they bought between 2020-2021 as a result of the values of Gen Z and millennials. How has this affected businesses? Individual behaviours cannot be solely responsible for reversing the negative effects of global warming. As a result, people are looking beyond individual factors by holding businesses and governments responsible for national and global carbon footprints. 34% actively chose to buy from sustainable brands between 20202021. But how do consumers know which brands are sustainable? Marketing campaigns can be utilised to showcase sustainable products or services. This presents brands as desirable to 63% of Gen Z and millennial respondents reported feeling the burden of climate change.

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