Finance Monthly - August 2022

Please introduce us to asset tracing. Asset tracing is the process of locating financial assets, property or valuables through formal investigations. Investigators undertake detailed research to determine a subject’s asset profile and whether that profile is sufficient to meet their outstanding debts or potential claims. Asset tracing can spearhead investigations in finding additional evidence such as unknown associates and lifestyles which can lead to a greater understanding of the target’s activities. Once the research has been conducted, the investigators then identify assets and can assist in asset recovery litigation and collections processes. Whether you are acting in a personal capacity or on behalf of a business, you may require asset tracing services to help you recover unpaid debts or to help satisfy a judgement. What are the best strategies that you rely on during the process? As I was trained in specialist electronics my technical background has always meant I look for technical solutions to help resolve modern-day problems. Successful asset trace investigations use a combination of technology, opensource intelligence (OSINT) and human intelligence (HUMINT) sources. Finance Monthly. Bank i ng & F i nanc i a l Se r v i ce s 39

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