Finance Monthly - September 2022

Finance Monthly. Ed i t or ’ s No t e Hello and welcome to the September 2022 issue of Finance Monthly Magazine! As we slowly prepare to come to terms with the fact that autumn’s just around the corner and we’re nearing the end of Q3, we present you Finance Monthly’s September collection of articles and interviews covering some of the most talked-about topics in the world of finance. Here are some of our favourite stories from this month’s edition: All of this and so much more - I hope you enjoy the content in Finance Monthly’s September 2022 issue! For more financial news and commentary, please visit our website to stay upto-date on industry news as it happens, join the conversation on our Twitter (@Finance_Monthly), like our Facebook page and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram (@FinanceMonthly). Best wishes, Katina Male Editor Copyright 2022 Published by Universal Media Ltd The views expressed in the articles within Finance Monthly are the contributors own, nothing within the announcements or articles should be construed as a profit forecast. All rights reserved. Material contained within this publication is not to be reproduced in whole or part without the prior permission of Finance Monthly. Circulation details can be found at Universal Media Ltd PO Box 17858, Tamworth, B77 9QG United Kingdom 0044 (0) 1543 255 537 12. Follow us on Instagram Financemonthly Find us on Facebook Finance Monthly Stay Connected Tweet us @Finance_Monthly UniversalMedia Limited Monthly Finance 3 The Ubiquitous Chip Threat or Saviour of the Global Economy? 50. How to Balance ESG FOMO with Robust Risk Management 16. How Interest Rates are Affecting Businesses 28. Banking in 2022: The Changing Dynamic of Lending

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