Finance Monthly - December 2022

Stocks, bonds, real estate, business ventures, commodities and now cryptocurrencies. The choice can be overwhelming for investors. Traditional options that don’t include crypto investments are nearly always favoured by the investor as a “safe bet”, with many investors shunning the infamous volatility of cryptocurrencies. Despite the well-documented peaks and crashes - not least the recent crypto crash this year that will be at the forefront of all our minds - investors who choose to invest their assets solely in stocks and shares could be missing out on what could be the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. This is not about scaremongering or adding to the FOMO (fear of missing out) culture that shrouds crypto investments but based on my experience, I firmly believe that where there is risk, there is also great opportunity for those willing to educate themselves and take advantage of the possibility of high returns. Finance Monthly. Inve s tmen t 47

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