Finance Monthly - December 2022

MARCUS’ TOP TIPS For investors looking to take the first step into crypto investment, here are some quick dos and don’ts to get you started: START SMALL There’s nothing to be gained from putting all your investments into one pot. A small percentage of your overall portfolio invested in crypto can start you off. APPRECIATE YOUR APPETITE FOR RISK The up-and-down nature of crypto investment might not be for the faint-hearted. Once you understand your own personal appetite for risk this can help you make informed judgements rather than snap decisions in the heat of the moment. EDUCATION Take 20 minutes of your day to educate yourself on investment. Follow the market closely as you would with traditional stocks and shares. Get interested in new and emerging coins and be prepared to immerse yourself in the cryptocurrency world. It’s important to understand that what drives the price of crypto is very different to what drives the more traditional markets. HOLD YOUR NERVE You don’t need to sell just because the market is dipping. About Marcus de Maria Renowned stock market and wealth educator, investor, and entrepreneur Marcus de Maria is the founder and chairman of Investment Mastery, one of the world’s leading investment and trading education companies. A sought-after keynote speaker on wealth creation who has shared the stage with some of the world’s leaders in business, success and philanthropy, Marcus has gained mutual respect from many high-profiled individuals including Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. Marcus is also the author of three books including The Lunchtime Trader, a guide on how to build indestructible wealth by trading stocks for just 20 minutes a day. After experiencing financial difficulties, Marcus went from being £100,000 in bad debt and sleeping on his brother’s floor to taking control of his financial future and learning strategies to become financially fit, building multiple pillars of wealth for security. He now uses all he has learnt to help others follow this path of wealth creation. 1 2 3 4 About Investment Mastery Founded in 2003, Investment Mastery is a premium training and education company delivering easy-to-follow and profitable trading and investing strategies. Today, Investment Mastery delivers training seminars and workshops, online and live in-person, annually. They have educated thousands of people across 25 countries, while also developing and delivering industryleading online support and training that is delivered in three different languages. Led by founder and chairman Marcus de Maria and his expert team of real traders and investors in the fields of stocks, cryptocurrencies and forex, Investment Mastery’s training education is influenced by the exact same proven techniques that Marcus uses to trade and invest his own money. The team at Investment Mastery do not just help clients to strengthen their finances, but their mindset too. This helps clients uncover, address and break through their limiting beliefs behind wealth creation and find their reasons ‘why’. This unique approach is what sets them apart from other wealth creation educators and is why clients achieve such incredible results. Finance Monthly. Inve s tmen t 49

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