Finance Monthly - May 2023

Finance Monthly. Investment 31 AMD For the fourth quarter, the US microchip maker achieved earnings per stock of $0.69 (£0.56) on revenues of $5.6 billion (£4.5 bn) - up 16% from a year ago. For the period, the company posted gross margins of 43% - this time down 7%. The depreciation of some assets of Xilinx, acquired a year ago, affected the quarterly results. The Wall Street consensus for earnings per stock was $0.67 (£0.54) per stock on revenue of $5.5 billion (£4.4 bn). AMD expects revenue to be between $5 billion (£4.02 bn) and $5.6 billion (£4.5 bn). That’s down 10% from last year, but above Wall Street’s consensus of $5.56 billion (£4.47 bn). Adjusted gross margins are projected to be around 50 per cent for the period. AMD launched a new generation of data centre chips called Genoa in November and plans to rerelease a more powerful version called Genoa-X later this year. Agreements have already been reached with: • Google, Alphabet • Azure, Microsoft • Oracle​ In the fourth quarter of 2022, data centre sales rose 42 percent to $1.7 billion (£1.36 bn) from the previous year. CEO Lisa Suh said that overall AMD is in a stable position to increase market stock and performance should improve by the second half of 2023. While we continue to battle through uncertain times, it is clear that major organisations like Tesla, Netflix and AMD will continue to grow. The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 has shown that these three organisations are looking to continuously expand their portfolio, allowing them to have what it takes to grow over the next quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2022, data centre sales rose 42% to $1.7 billion from the previous year.

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