Finance Monthly - August 2023

31 Finance Monthly. Leadership Special Feature During the pandemic, remote work became ubiquitous, and most clients use a hybrid model. Could you describe what a first-time client can expect during a typical coaching session with you? My Focus on Solution Coaching program© starts with getting to know each other. The success of a coaching engagement depends on a relationship of trust, which is only possible by honoring confidentiality. We start the session with checkin and what has transpired since the previous session. Discuss the homework and pending items, identify the main topic for the session, which can be an agenda item we have agreed to, or discuss a situation or issue. We end the session by gathering the client’s takeaways and commitments. The session’s notes and fieldwork go to the client, who also has access to me in between sessions via email, call, or text. Lastly, for executives or teams considering coaching, what advice would you give them as they embark on this journey? When executives or teams consider embarking on a coaching journey, I suggest being intentionally focused, patient, disciplined and enjoy the journey. Find a formally trained and credentialed coach who can support you effectively. A successful coach must be curious, empathetic, open-minded, and comfortable with challenging clients to get out of their comfort zone. Primarily, my experience and willingness to challenge the client are why I have gotten hired as a coach; simply going with the flow would be doing the client a disservice. In terms of what to expect during a coaching experience, similar elements apply to executives and teams: 1.Be curious to seek and accept feedback. 2.Be challenged individually and collectively to become your best selves. 3.Be willing to be uncomfortable at times. The ask is that you treat each moment of discomfort as an opportunity to learn for your benefit and the benefit of the team and the stakeholders. 4.Be open to experimenting. 5.Be ready; it will be a transformative experience.

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