How to identify SCAM?

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    What tips and tricks do you have to spot a scam? What signs do you look for?


    Scams are now extremely prevalent in the internet world. With all the people being able to transact online, pay online and work online, scammers are developing new ways to scam people as well. Here are the top scam warning signs:

    • There are numerous fake job scams because of the booming online job industry. One way to tell that it is a scam is when you have to click on another site to submit your information. These sites are more probably pitch sites for appealing jobs but in reality, there are no jobs.

    • Scammers try to involve themselves with those working online by telling them that they are hired and they will get paid on a weekly basis. Then, they send you another email saying that there has been a mistake and they have sent you more. They will ask you to wire the money back to them while you will start receiving checks. You wire the money, and you are left with nothing but a bounced check.

    • Be wary of ads posted in the internet for free. These are sites that make you provide your information number in exchange for the download. However, after you have submitted your information, nothing downloads and you have already given the site your information.

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