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How to make money on social media?

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    I own an Instagram account where I have 46 thousand followers and get around 2500- 5000 likes on a photo. This is cool and all but I have no idea how to monetize my fan base other than selling advertisements here and there, I have been trying to figure out a way to make money using my Instagram page but haven’t thought of a good idea. I would really like some advice from someone who has any ideas or can help thanks.


    46 thousand followers, wow! wow! How did you do that? All I can say is great job! You can try giving shoutouts for money, with that big of a community, I’m sure someone will be interested in it.


    Contact me! I am looking for some investment ideas!


    Hey Nadia! How did you manage to get that many followers??? @Wanna-be-rich, could you tell us more?

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