I am in debt!

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    Can anyone tell me if the credit card relief programs you hear about on the radio or the ones you see on tv are a scam or do they really work?

    I currently owe around $25,000 in credit cards and the interest rates are going up and have asked them to lower the rates and they have. But they just seem to creep rite back up, Our credit is very good, We are good about making sure we make payments on time but at this rate it will take a lifetime to pay off. We pay the minimun most of the time but will on ocassion pay a little more. Times are tough and we are making more money than we have in the past so that is a good thing but when we were not making as much that is how we got in debt, I just want to know if those plans are scams or not and if they are not can anyone direct me to a decent one because they seem to be everywhere on TV and Radio or Im noticeing them more because Im in debt!!!! Please Help….

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