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Want Help in Current Financial Issues

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    Hi, friends, and experts I am little bit know about financial market issues. Because currently, I have learned the financial subject. But I have a question for financial experts. I want to know current financial issues. I want to make financial research papers topics and I submit my financial analysis research paper. It this source I have found some example papers. They give me some help but I want unique issues topics for my papers. Hence I am here and I know this place is made for financial experts.


    i need help..i bought a 2006 ford mustang v6 from one of my friend of online assignment help uk pretty loaded…for 19,000 dollars last year…with some things i need to get for it in order to get financed it went up to 24 thousand…then a financing rate of about 16% i owe aLOT on it…if i go in for a trade in.

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