Finance Monthly - May 2022

43 Finance Monthly. Bank i ng & F i nanc i a l Se r v i ce s using the Square KDS, it brings together all the orders in one place no matter if they were faceto-face or online everything is just there at a glance. There are two KDS screens in the van with one at the prep side & an ‘expeditor station’ at the hatch. We mark off on our screens when it’s made and that in turn shows at the hatch – then I tap it away when it’s been collected. As we’re all able to see what’s going on clearly we can accurately predict timings for walkups and get orders out faster than ever.” Whatever the next year throws at businesses, one thing is clear; those who embrace change and adopt technology will have what they need to thrive. The humaninteraction element of dining and shopping will always be a huge part of the holistic brand experience, but businesses need to use the right tools to meet customers where they are, whether that’s online, inperson, or a mix of the two. Recovery is still on the horizon In recent years, it’s been encouraging to witness small businesses adapt and innovate not just to survive but continue growing. Many have embraced an omnichannel approach by enabling their customers to shop through their own sites, or on social media. Recent research shows that 73% of consumers are now actively shopping through social channels, showing the demand for this approach. Staying agile and aware of the changing customer habits will enable businesses to bend and pivot. Employing the right technology early will help them to adapt fast and keep multiple revenue streams open. Square KDS Credit - “The pandemic accelerated e-commerce and it’s clear this shift online is here to stay.”

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