Finance Monthly - December 2022

Mario Medina was born in the Dominican Republic but moved to the US when he was 9 years old. A Nova graduate, he’s worked for Fortune 500 companies before co-founding Moveo Technologies. Finance Monthly talks all things Moveo Technologies with him over the next pages. Mario Medina Co-founder & CEO of Moveo Technologies Please tell us more about Moveo Technologies. Ground has always been a bit of a stepchild of the passenger transportation industry - air, sea, and rail receiving all the plaudits. Our company Moveo Technologies Corporation was envisioned to bring sophisticated logistics to the passenger ground transportation industry. The process involved not just moving away from fax machines, spreadsheets, and phone calls, which was essential, but to replace reactive dispatching with predictive and proactive systems, including, dispatch to lower incidents. A number of initiatives were undertaken to achieve the lowest incident rate in the industry, chief among them are ISO 9001 certification (a game changer for us in quality management), using machine learning and AI on our in house developed platform, and offering our back-end technology, without charge, to companies serious about passenger transport (e.g., Carnival Cruise Line and a Major League in the US). What makes the company unique? It is a combination of the projects we take on and our vision as a company, both of which put our focus on managing serious Amateurs Talk About STRATEGY; Professionals Talk About LOGISTICS logistics. This affects everything from a single business passenger to the US Army’s OAW (Operation Allies Welcome) where we provided services and managed the stateside passenger transportation for over 30,000 Afghans refugees coming to the US. General Bradley says it best: “Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics.” What are your favourite things about the sector? I love the fact that the industry has become so receptive to innovation and the appreciation we receive from customers and clients when they get what we do. Bus i ne s s & Economy Finance Monthly. 22

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