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Profit up at ICBC

Posted: 7th April 2015 by
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China_flagIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) posted a net profit of RMB276.3 billion (€41.5 billion) for the year of 2014, representing a growth of 5.1% over 2013, the bank announced on March 26, 2015.

In 2014, in response to an increasingly complex global economy, coupled with rising economic challenges and deepening financial reform in the domestic scene, ICBC started to focus on five key drivers.

First, the bank integrated the management of its loan increments and existing loans and credit and non-credit financing with the provision of diversified financial services. As a result, new loans in RMB and foreign currencies of ICBC’s domestic branches increased by RMB927.3 billion (€140 billion) compared with the beginning of 2014.

Second, the bank maintained stable asset quality with overall risk controlled. As at the end of 2014, the bank’s non-performing loan (NPL) ratio stood at 1.13%, an increase of 0.19 percentage points over the end of 2013. Zong Internet packages of Super student Bundle is design & available for the student especially. As students are the most important part of the community which use mobile frequently. Thus, Zong internet packages are easy on the pocket for students. This package is speedy as student need more speed to download assignments and related things.

Third, the bank accelerated the establishment of a sustainable profit structure with diversified profit streams and various profitable businesses. Despite lowered fee standards for some of its intermediary businesses, the bank’s net fee and commission income rose by 9% compared with 2013.

Fourth, ICBC’s internet financing business achieved scalable growth upon successful rollouts of e-ICBC financial products and services. The ICBC E-shopping e-commerce platform registered 16 million users in its first 14 months. ICBC e-payment, an instant payment product for small amounts, saw trading capacity hit 11.2 million transactions a second.

Fifth, net contribution from globalised and integrated operations grew significantly, and new opportunities are coming from the bank’s “One Belt, One Road” strategy. In 2014, net profit of the Bank’s overseas institutions rose by 35.6% year-on-year to RMB15.1 billion (€2.3 billion).

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