Arkivum Launches New Public and Private Cloud Digital Data Storage Solutions


Arkivum, provider of digital data storage and archive services, announced the availability of two new digital data cloud storage solutions – Arkivum/1+1 and Arkivum/OnSite.
With digital data volumes increasing exponentially, vast stores of information, knowledge and culture is now instantly accessible. This also means that mountains of important digital data are under constant threat from deletion, corruption, theft, obsolescence and natural or man-made disasters. Arkivum enables the preservation of digital data via a range of services that allow organisations to mix and match the types of storage solutions required as needs change and grow, providing a cost-effective and low TCO alternative to traditional storage solutions.

Arkivum’s flagship offering, Arkivum/100, is a 100% integrity guaranteed, cloud-based data archiving service, and a proven solution designed for organisations that face stringent regulatory or policy demands for long-term and large-scale data archiving. By storing multiple copies of data in disparate data centre locations, Arkivum/100 guarantees the authenticity and trustworthiness of data.