Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Adds CreditSights for Financial Advisors


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has announced that it has added CreditSights, an industry leading independent provider of global fixed income research, to its online portal of research and strategy content for its Financial Advisors.

Financial Advisors will now have access to and can provide to clients, upon request, fundamental corporate bond research on over 900 investment grade and high yield companies across the globe, as well as corporate credit-focused market strategy and sector analysis.  With over 70 analysts in the U.S., Europe and Asia, CreditSights integrates fundamental and quantitative disciplines to provide credit research to over 1,000 institutions and corporations.

“We are pleased to add this resource for our Financial Advisors and clients,” said Kevin Lynyak, Head of Trading, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Capital Markets. “The addition of CreditSights will help our Financial Advisors and their clients to make more informed decisions about corporate credit investments suited to pursuing their investment objectives within their risk profile.”

“We are enthusiastic about extending our long-standing relationship with Morgan Stanley to its Financial Advisors,” said Peter Petas, President of CreditSights. “Providing research to the Wealth Management division is an exciting endeavour for our firm, and we are proud to be working with Morgan Stanley in an integral part of their business.”