Interway receives €3m of funding from BNP Paribas and BPI


French IT services provider Interway has received €3m of funding from BNP Paribas Développement and BPI France. It is the first time the company is supported externally, following its high growth in 2015 with turnover up by 49%. The round was led by BNP Paribas, followed by BPI.

Patrick Benoit, President and Founder of Interway commented: ’After doubling our revenues in the past two years and focusing our efforts on our customers, services and technologies, we needed to find funding to support our ambitions and projects. After meeting with a number of investors who were interested in our history and our future, we chose to work with BNP Paribas Développement and BPI France, since we figured that they are the companies that share the same values as us.’

Interway Group now has access to additional resources to sustain its development both domestically and internationally and to strengthen its leadership. The investment also confirms Interway Group’s position within the Big Data ecosystem.