What is the Point of NATO?


Every NATO country contributes to the costs of running the Alliance. By far the biggest contribution comes from Allies’ taking part in NATO-led missions and operations. For example, one country might provide fighter jets, while another provides ships or troops. NATO Allies also pay directly to NATO to cover the costs of NATO staff and buildings, its Command Structure, and its jointly-owned equipment, like its AWACS aircraft.

In recent news Donald Trump praised Saudi Arabia for fighting extremism in the region and said he was the one to make North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) members spend more on defence.

In addition, cyber-attacks are becoming more common, sophisticated and damaging. Cyber defence is now a top priority for NATO. NATO now recognises cyberspace as an ‘operational domain’ – just like land, sea and air.  NATO helps Allies to boost their cyber defences by sharing information about threats, investing in education and training, and through exercises.  NATO also has cyber defence experts that can be sent to help Allies under attack.