Investments Services in Malta: An Industry Insight from Framont & Partners Management Ltd


This month Finance Monthly had the privilege to speak to Gianluigi Montagner – the Chief Executive Officer of Malta-based Framont & Partners Management Ltd. In his interview with us Gianluigi tells us all about the services that the company offers, their business strategy and priorities towards their clients, while also providing a rich insight into the investment services sector in Malta.


How are most financial investments structured in Malta?

Malta holds a good reputation as a jurisdiction for smaller and medium financial companies and start-ups. Thus, the fund sector attracts asset management activities all around Europe, being a cost-effective and efficient solution with respect to other jurisdictions that are traditionally experienced in the same field but less appealing from this perspective.

Malta has been able to develop numerous investment funds, which is the main reason why we opted for a full AIF and UCITS licence as fund managers, both targeting professional and retail investors. Framont can offer even the traditional investment services, since we offer services of portfolio management, as well as advisory.

What are the main considerations that need to be followed when providing investment plans to your clients?

The main considerations to be followed always relate to the risk management and the investment objectives. This can either be in terms of target or timeline.

It is imperative to help the clients understand that all investment plans involve some degree of risk, as the reward of taking risk results to the potential for a greater investment return.


Can you outline the process Framont & Partners go through to assess your clients’ current financial situation and assist them with identifying financial goals and concerns?

We perceive it as imperative to hold a frequent and close relationship with each client we have, in order to update their characteristics, understands their needs while trying our best to accommodate them, as well as their personal financial positions. Therefore, this successfully allows us to assist the clients and reach their goals.

Since we are in close contact with our customers and form part of the network in the wealth management markets, trends are identified at an early stage. This is the main reason for offering solutions that are customised for the customers’ needs.


How do you assess levels of risks for investment strategies? How can you accurately assess the level of risk that an individual is prepared to accept?

In order to assess the risk levels, we make use of internal models that are drafted to combine risk profiles and goals. The risk manager assists us on a daily basis and we make sure clients are well informed about the investments in their portfolios by providing regular statements and information upon request at any time.


What strategies do you implement to ensure that your clients’ goals and objectives are achieved?

We always make sure to understand and acknowledge our client’s goals and objectives. Therefore, we periodically review the financial situation of the client and match such strategies and goals. Our team is always available for any needs or questions that the clients or any potential clients might have.


As CEO, how do you ensure you are directing the company in the correct direction? How do you advise your team to make the correct decisions for the company alongside clients?

As the CEO, I make sure that the company’s direction is assessed very often, in terms of competencies as internal goals. We also check closely the reference market in order to promptly meet together with the regulation requirements and the clients’ needs. Turnover may be possible but generally, the employees on board portray a desire to remain with the company. I think this is a signal of a positive and growing environment for the employees and the partners.



Gianluigi Montagner is the Chief Executive Officer of Malta-based Framont & Partners Management Ltd. It is one of the main players for wealth management market and a well-developed and growing reality in the Maltese Financial marketplace. The Company holds a Category 2 Investment Services Licence, allowing a wide variety of products and services, including outsourcing services, structuring, coordination of fund launches, investor relations, investment management, as well as distribution services for investment funds from Malta.

Thanks to the wide ranging financial background of the Company’s founders and the support of a highly specialised team with a deep knowledge of today’s constantly evolving markets, Framont places particular emphasis on stability and flexibility. Its solid structure means that the company offers personalised investment services, which are in tune with the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

As a Fund Manager, Framont is able to establish different ad hoc sub-fund types for the management family assets or for the implementation of particular investment strategies. The firm also offers support within the evaluation of investment strategies proposed by private customers, institutional or advisory to attain the product that best suits them.

The Company’s task is to be able to switch between being a facilitator of communication, to a supporter of the observance of agreements, rules and intensive choices. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate in the process of the transitions and handover of corporate assets in the least traumatic and linear way possible.


“Framont & Partners Management Ltd aims to be a key market player within the financial markets where independency, quality and efficiency are met at all times. Excellent results mean satisfactory clients, team and partners, led by a professional approach and guidance.”