For our August Executive Insight feature, Finance Monthly spoke to Michael Salisbury, Director of Quan­trix, which is the world’s leading provider of business and financial modeling software. Quantrix provides a next-generation software that enables organizations to replace cumbersome traditional spreadsheets. It helps companies transform their financial and operational practices, enabling them to revolutionize their processes by providing a platform that improves throughput, ana­lytics, traceability and sharing of critical business data and insight. Here, Michael, who’s been with the company since 2002, tells us more about Quantrix’s ethics and goals for the next few years.


What challenges do your customers have and how does Quantrix solve them?

The majority of our customers are reaching out to us because they have seen that their existing spreadsheets are not in line with their forward-looking modeling needs. Their spreadsheets are typically unstructured and quickly become unmanageable, with the sheer number of formulas that need to be maintained. The unstructured nature of the model makes it almost impossible to bend it in new and interesting ways.

With our multi-dimensional calculation engine, the models that Quantrix offers are much more manageable, and certainly not as complex – the number of formulas is significantly lower, while the audit provides more confidence in regards to the answers. Additionally, new and interesting insights are obtained quickly and easily by simply adding dimensions to the model.


How are these challenges set to change with the advent of technologies and the potential future needs of clients?

Moving Quantrix online will ensure that our customers can model anywhere and on any device – it’s one of the major things that our clients are expecting from us. Our Quantrix Qloud web technologies can help our customers achieve this, since it enables users to access their model anytime and anywhere with a simple web browser and internet connection.


What would you say are the company’s top priorities towards its clients?

Our main objective is to move our functionality to the web. We’ve observed a continued strong need for a powerful desktop tool, but I believe that models need to be used and consumed online.

We also aspire to work on bigger and faster models, while making them as easy to use as possible.


What were the goals that you arrived with when becoming Quantrix’s Director two years ago?

 My main goal was to help expand the user base from the core modelers to encompass a wider audience through the Quantrix Qloud products. I was aiming to be a stable leader who continued to support the tremendous team environment we have here at Quantrix, while ensuring we produced world-class software and looked after our clients.


Would you say that you’ve managed to achieve some of them so far?

I would say that as a team, we have been highly successful in working together to achieve all these goals. I am very blessed to have great team members and a supportive executive team to help move us forward. Our customers have been able to leverage Quantrix in many different modeling use cases including energy, agriculture and finance. We get valuable feedback every day about how beneficial our software is, as well as suggestions on how to make Quantrix even better.


What further goals are you working towards with your team at Quantrix?

Our most important goal is to continue growing the company. This software has huge potential and the power it gives our users is remarkable. Uncovering those opportunities in each organization and finding our “Quantrix Champions” is a key aspect of spreading the good news about Quantrix and, in turn, lays the groundwork for our future success.

Our aim is to be THE modeling solutions provider for the world’s most successful organizations and we’re heading in the right direction.