An Exclusive Interview with ABC Finance Limited’s Managing Director – Peter Hemming

ABC Finance is a specialist commercial finance brokerage, offering a wide range of services to SMEs, landlords and property developers. Here Peter Hemming, the company’s Managing Director, tells us all about ABC Finance’s beginnings, principal services and priorities towards their clients.



What is the history behind ABC Finance Ltd.?

 ABC Finance Limited was established in 2000 and we have a rich history of supporting SMEs across the UK with their finance requirements.

We offer a wide range of finance and our focus is saving our clients’ money and making the process of raising finance fast, simple and hassle-free.

We offer finance from simple buy-to-let, to large portfolio refinances, bridging loans, development finance and a full range of business lending products.


Tell us a bit more about the principal services the company provides and its priorities towards its clients?

Our services can really be broken down into 3 sections.

Initially, our work with SMEs is geared toward making sure they have the finance in place to reach their goals. We work closely to understand what funding they need, how quickly they need it and for how long. From here, we work hard to secure the most suitable products on the keenest possible terms.

Secondly, we work with property investors from a single property, right up to large portfolio landlords and property developers.

Finally, bridging loans are a large part of our business, and we work with our clients to secure the funding they need, usually against a tight deadline.


What are the key considerations to make when assisting clients with their lending needs?

We are consultative in our approach and like to understand where a client is now, but also where they are heading. We want our advice now to centre on what is best for them not only today, but for the future too.

We want our clients to succeed, so regular follow ups are key. If a client is looking to build a portfolio of properties, or grow their business, we want to work with them. Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients to meet their financial targets and that experience can really help today’s business owners and investors.



As Managing Director, how do you ensure you are directing the company in the correct direction? How do you advise your team to make the correct decisions for the company alongside clients?


I’ve been in business for a long time and one of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that there is no substitute for preparation. We plan everything and measure everything that we do. As a result, each decision we make is actually fairly simple as we can judge whether or not it moves us closer to our goal.

By understanding what we want as a business and where we are heading, I can avoid impulsive or short-sighted decisions. That is the major benefit of having such an engrained vision for the business.



Is there any advice you would give to anybody may be looking to raise finance in the near future?


The number 1 piece of advice would be to start looking at your finance options early. When applications are left until late in the day, clients often find themselves backed into a corner and forced to accept an offer that is less than ideal.


Any advisor should be happy to give you an initial idea of your options, likely costs and how long you should allow for an application.


When applications are pushed to the limit, whether that’s in terms of in time, or affordability, the client is always putting themselves in a high-risk position.