Agreement with Trade Unions for the Reorganisation of Banca Popolare del Lazio


Following the agreement between the Board of the Banca Popolare del Lazio, the Trade Union Organisations and the RSA negotiated the reorganisation launched by the main Lazio’s popular credit institute, which was announced to the trade unions on 3 July, with the opening of the Comparison provided by Article 17 of the Credit CCNL.

With the trade union agreement, the new organisational structure of the Bank was approved by the syndicate, and the territorial and professional mobilisation measures that have been used as a tool for the management of the occupational impact on the territory have been shared by which no bank employee will lose their job, being assigned to several jobs or placed at various offices or branches in the area of ​​insistence of the institute.

Studio LabLaw participated in the negotiations with the Trade Union Organizations and the RSA, with a team of lawyers Francesco Rotondi and Alessandro Paone, with the support of the Associates Roberto Sgobbo.


Interview with Alessandro Paone and Francesco Rotondi at LabLaw

 Please tell me about your involvement in the deal?

With the Founding Partner Francesco Rotondi, I provided assistance in favour of Popolare del Lazio Bank in order to negotiate a trade union agreement useful for a reorganisation of the Bank. In particular, my strategic role was to assist the Management Team of the Bank to plan the reorganisation model (according to the italian labour law) and negotiate the same with the trade union.  The former model was implemented twenty years ago, in another era of industrial relation.

Why is this a good deal for all involved?

In the last years, in Italy, many banking groups have implemented restructuring processes at the end many workers have lost their job.  This was due because of multiple factors, including variations of market conditions. Popolare del Lazio Bank is the most important banking group of the centre of Italy, with very strong history of presence on the territory of Lazio region. The agreement with trade unions allowed to implement of the reorganisation process without layoffs.

What challenges arose? How did you navigate them?

Dialogue with trade union is never easy when there is a possibility of layoffs. Nevertheless, thanks to our engagement at the negotiating table, Bank and trade unions managed to find a deal that allowed, on one side, the Bank to carry out the reorganisation approved by the Board – in line with the requirements imposed by the National Central Bank of Italy -; on the other side, the trade unions save the jobs signing an agreement without layoffs.