Numa Solution is a financial analytics solutions provider that offers bespoke analytics solutions, in addition to readymade solutions for Financial Consolidation, Activity Based Costing and IFRS9. Some of the company’s bespoke analytics solutions include Hydrocarbon Fiscal Analytics, Risk Analytics and Economics Data Management. Numa provides analytics solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, financial services, pension funds, regulators, logistics, manufacturing, utilities, pharmaceutical and more. The company’s financial analytics solutions are developed to ease the implementation and usage, so the users can focus on the more important and value added tasks.

 Numa is an IBM Gold Business Partner and is also a part of the Business Associates Consulting (BAC) group of companies - a management consulting practice. This month, Finance Monthly reached out to the company’s Founder and Managing Director Azhim Hadi Daud to hear more about Numa Solution’s beginnings, services and clients.


What are Numa Solution’s mission, ethics and values?

Our mission at Numa is to be one of the leading analytics solutions provider. We aim to facilitate and improve the business analytics processes within organisations and to provide greater insights of their businesses.


What was the process of setting up the Group like?

The initial years were difficult, as we had to attract customers and close projects to ensure our survival. At the same time, we had to build our portfolio of clients and project references. Another challenging aspect was also building the support system for the company, i.e. people, financials, infrastructure etc.


How did you attract your first customers?

We did some cold calls on targeted companies with our service offerings. We also approached potential clients, with relationships to propose for our services.

We started Numa as a technology enabler to provide value in providing immediate implementable solutions to customers. This provided an edge over other management consulting firms which offer only advisory services.


What does your role as a Managing Director involve? What are the day-to-day challenges that you’re faced with?

My role is to drive the business forward, especially into new growth areas, on top of ensuring all functions of the company are running smoothly, in order to support the business.

One of the main challenges is that are face is connected to continuously developing our people with the appropriate capabilities, so they can reflect Numa’s growth.


What is your vision for the future of Numa Solution? Where would you like your business to be in three years?

We envision that Numa would be one of the leading financial analytics solutions provider around.

In order to achieve that goal, we are developing more financial analytics solutions offerings and planning for further geo expansions into other regions, namely ASEAN, MENA and more. We are also looking for tie-ups or partnerships with resellers to expand our product reach globally.


Do you have any upcoming plans or projects you would be willing to share with us?

We are currently working on developing solutions for ‘IFRS 15 – Revenue’ and ‘IFRS 17 – Insurance Contracts’ which will hopefully be ready by Q1 and Q2 2018. This should be timely for clients who are looking for financial analytics solutions to facilitate them in the implementations of these IFRS standards.


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