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5 Luxury Gifts to Reward Yourself with in 2018

Posted: 5th March 2018 by Finance Monthly
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This week Finance Monthly brings you a list of 5 awesome buys to treat yourself with after your next bonus, pay rise or big client win! Sure, you could invest it, or gamble on some new cryptocurrencies, but we all know that there is nothing better than treating yourself to something special, particularly after you’ve earned it. Here’s our top picks to motivate you towards your next milestone.

The Bike: Husqvarna Vitpilen 401

The Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 is a sleek, refreshingly simple and progressive new urban street motorcycle. Husqvarna’s designers have stripped away all of the unnecessary bells, whistles and gadgets and left behind only what is truly required for a raw and authentic riding experience. Perfect for getting around the city, this sleek streetbike is a sure head turner. The Vitpilen 401 will be available in authorised Husqvarna dealers from March 2018.

Price: £5,599


The Television: Samsung 75” QLED Smart T

This Samsung television is a modern, fashionable and spectacular piece of technology. The smart TV delivers breathtaking picture quality, achieving 100% colour volume. Suddenly watching movies at home will feel akin to a cinematic experience, and sports matches will come alive like never before. With a stunning 360 design, this isn’t just a TV - the QLED is a statement piece that will bring new dimensions to your living space.

Price: £4,719



The Home Tech: iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve had a long, intense week at work - the last thing you’ll want to do is tackle the vacuuming over the weekend, This is where the Roomba comes in, a robotic vacuum cleaner that will revolutionise your home cleaning. At the touch of a button, the impressive Roomba 980 will navigate around your home, keeping track of its location and recharging as needed until the job is complete. The smart iRobot Home App even allows you to control your cleaning schedule while you are on the go, how efficient!

Price: £899.99





The Watch: U-Boat Classico 1001 in Titanium Blue

This limited edition Italo Fontana U-Boat Classico 1001 pays homage to the essence of the brands classic style with bold, military inspired design and a wide dial. Timeless and iconic, the Classico is a clean and uniquely styled model with a running theme of raw, natural materials. A surefire way to elevate your outfit both in and out of work, the Classico is even water resistant to 1001 metres.

Price: £4,250






The Sunglasses: Linda Farrow Aviator Sunglasses

Warmer months are coming and if there is one accessory that completes your summer wardrobe, it’s a pair of designer sunglasses. The compliments will be flooding with these luxurious Linda Farrow aviator sunglasses which are handcrafted purely from 18-22 carat white gold-plated lightweight titanium. Definitely the ultimate sunglasses to invest in for the summer.

Price: £830

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