Top 10 Worst Business Decisions in History

Billions lost, reputations ruined and company’s that never recover. Business can be unforgiving. Saying yes to the wrong idea can lose you and your company millions or even result in bankruptcy and the demise of a business. So you have to make sure that the decisions you make are correct. But sometimes businesses get it very, very wrong, with disastrous consequences. So what are the worst decisions ever made in business history?

Welcome to Finance Monthly’s video countdown of the Top 10 Worst Business Decisions in History. We examine the 10 most catastrophic choices made by companies ever and the effect each of these. Every one of the mergers, or new business ideas in the video above resulted in severe consequences for the parties involved, whether it be huge financial losses or reputational damage. In some cases, it was the reluctance to see a glittering opportunity in front of their own own eyes that led to the eventual demise of some of the industry’s heaviest hitters. From Apple and Coca-Cola to Star Wars, we explore the business decisions that have cost companies and businessmen millions.

So sit back and enjoy our video highlighting the 10 worst business decisions ever made.

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