The Strength of the DasEcosystem

The Das ecosystem is the network behind DasCoin, a cryptocurrency marketing itself as the Currency of Trust. DasCoin, backed up by the entire Das ecosystem, brings to the table all the strengths required of cryptocurrencies, having removed all of the weaknesses that have beset other blockchain projects. The hardware structure is world-class, utilising innovative blockchain technology to deliver speed, security and scalability at previously unheard-of levels.


DasCoin Minting

Historically, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have had to be ‘mined’. DasCoin removes the reliance on miners by individually minting each coin. Members of the community, which is known as NetLeaders, are authenticated and provided with community purchase licences. These licences enable the member to access a pre-determined number of capacity units in the DasEcosystem, and these units are called Cycles. Each Cycle can then be entered into the Minting Queue of DasCoin to be converted into currency. Around 700 million DasCoin have been minted so far, with a fixed total volume of 8.5 billion.


Speed, Security and Scalability

The three main advantages DasCoin has over other available cryptocurrencies are speed, security and scalability. The DasCoin network can process each transaction in a maximum of six seconds, which is incredibly fast when compared to the 10 minutes offered by Bitcoin. Maintaining this six-second transaction time for up to 100,000 transactions per second or more results in a unique scalability. As the Currency of Trust, the DasCoin network is fully compliant with both AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and bank-standard KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication procedures, removing the risk of money laundering and fraud and building a verified base of users.


A Better Decentralised System

NetLeaders drives the DasCoin minting process and is backed up by WebWallet, the most secure digital wallet on the market. The values of NetLeaders include transparency, fairness and mutual trust, building a community of empowerment. WebWallet gives users access to the DasEcosystem on a global level with full security, along with associated services through the blockchain. The hybrid system is decentralised, bringing purpose with value and strength in execution. A spokesperson from DasCoin’s board of directors commented that the aim of DasCoin was to build a complete system of digital assets, rather than simply throw out another cryptocurrency coin.