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Head to Head: The Price of Beer Across the Globe

Posted: 11th July 2018 by Finance Monthly
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With holiday season in full swing, people will either be looking to book something last minute or counting the days until they set off. Aside from dreaming of stunning beaches or culture-rich city getaways, there’s a good chance many of you will be imagining the prospect a nice relaxing beer abroad. On top of that, the world cup calls for a few more pints.

For those who enjoy a tipple on their travels, it’s good to know how much you’re likely to spend – especially in an unfamiliar place. Price comparison experts Money Guru have looked at 29 of the world’s most popular city destinations to produce an essential holiday beer guide.

Their research has identified that the cheapest pint is available in Prague where you’ll only be shelling out £1.17 per beer. At the opposite end of the scale, to get yourself a pint in Dubai you’re looking at £9 each.

Here is the rundown of the top five priciest and cheapest pints you’ll find across the globe.

Top 5 – Priciest Pints

  • Dubai, UAE - £9
  • Oslo, Norway - £7
  • Hong Kong - £6
  • Singapore - £5.94
  • New York, United States - £5.32

Top 5 – Cheapest Pints

  • Prague, Czech Republic - £1.17
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - £1.63
  • Taipei, Taiwan - £1.77
  • Krakow, Poland - £1.79
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - £2.21.

Iconic tourist destinations like London (£5.19), New York and Paris (both £5.32) seem to be taking full advantage of their popularity by bumping up the cost of beer. Nordic countries also demand higher prices for pints with Copenhagen (£4.81), Stockholm (£5.14) and Oslo (£7) all sitting in the more expensive half of the leaderboard.

An eclectic mixture of destinations populates the middle of the leaderboard with Toronto (£4.10), Barcelona (£4.18), Kuala Lumpur (£3.81) and Tokyo (£3.53) all providing beers at prices that aren’t likely to make people perform a double take.

However, for the more price conscious traveller there are plenty of options available, with a range of popular bucket list destinations including Johannesburg (£1.63) and Rio de Janeiro (£2.21) offering beer prices that won’t break the bank.

There are also some surprises to be found, cities that most would consider to be on the costly end of the spectrum such as Berlin (£2.72) and Seoul (£3.28) are actually relatively reasonable when it comes to beer.

Commenting on the findings, James MacDonald, Head of Digital at Money Guru said: “It’s eye-opening to uncover such a large difference in the price of a pint of beer across the globe. The disparity in cost turns what should be an enjoyable experience into a penny-pinching exercise. Luckily Money Guru’s research highlights the top cities to get more pint for your pound.”

So, whether you’re a beer aficionado, a social drinker or just like a couple every so often, it’s wise to factor alcohol into your holiday budget. For more information on their findings, you can see the entirety of Money Guru’s research here.

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