Here is Finance Monthly’s list of the top 8 qualities and personality traits that can put you in prime position for a promising career in finance.

  1. Having the right attitude

Having a positive attitude is vital when applying for a job in any field, and not just in finance. Most managers acknowledge that with the right training, skills are easily learned. What always stays the same though is a candidate’s attitude. You’ll never know absolutely everything in finance, but being positive, thoughtful and eager to learn are characteristics that will always set you apart from the competition.

  1. Willingness to grow and evolve

Finance is a vast industry and once you’re in, there’s plenty of room to evolve, move around, and find your niche. But it’s not just this willingness to climb up the corporate ladder that employers are after – you also have to make it clear that you’re a person who shows a strong desire for continuous education and improvement, as well as a capacity to learn new things and apply them in their role. No one wants to hire someone who’d be happy to just stay in their comfort zone and never evolve.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is becoming an increasingly important factor in career success and one of the main attributes that will help you make it in the finance industry. Research has shown that the ability to decode other people’s emotions and show empathy can increase mindfulness and result in more effective leadership. Naturally, a person with high emotional intelligence is more likely to acquire new clients and service those relationships over time.

  1. Problem-solving skills

In today’s fast-paced workplace environment, having watertight knowledge of systems and processes isn’t enough. It is also vital to be able to tackle problems as they arise. Whether it’s addressing the financial implications of a complex business structure or coming up with a personalised solution for a client’s financial difficulties, being able to think on your feet and come up with innovative solutions to problems will see your career soar to new heights.

  1. Persistence

Are you someone who gives up easily when faced with a challenge or do you tend to stick with a problem until you identify the most suitable solution? Financial institutions value employees who don’t give up easily when dealing with difficulties and showing that you are the type of person who wouldn’t rest until the issue is resolved will certainly help you catch the interviewer’s attention.

  1. Communication skills

This goes without saying – excellent communication skills are of great importance if you want to succeed in the world of finance.

  1. Customer skills

With communication skills come customers skills too. In addition to strong written and oral skills, aspiring finance workers need to be able to listen effectively and explain something complicated and jargon-heavy in simpler terms to clients who have limited knowledge on the particular subject.

  1. Vision

Last but not least, it is imperative to be able to see beyond the task and into how a specific way of execution would fit into and align with the views of the corporation as a whole. Making it clear that you’d be devoted the company’s larger goal at all times is something that would definitely win you some extra points.