Top 5 FinTech Books to Read This Summer

It’s August and the summer holiday season has officially begun. And while your Out of Office autoreply is probably on, a long beach holiday is undoubtedly the best time to catch up on some reading, check what’s happening in the industry and dive into the latest trends in the ever-changing FinTech landscape. To get your reading list started, here are Finance Monthly’s top 5 must-read FinTech books for this summer.

A Global Guide to FinTech and Future Payment Trends

Peter Goldfinch

In his book, payments specialist Peter Goldfinch sheds light on highly topical themes such as the evolution of payment systems from paper instruments to computerisation, their role in enabling commerce to contribute to the development of emerging economies, cryptocurrencies and the slow decline of physical credit and debit cards due to the introduction of alternative forms of payment.

A Global Guide to FinTech and Future Payment Trends offers a comprehensive overview of the evolution of payments, looking at the ways they’ll develop in the future and encouraging readers to explore their own predictions. Published earlier this year, the book is an unmissable summer reading for technologists, marketers, executives and investors in the FinTech field, as well as academics teaching business and technology courses.

Inclusive FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO

David Lee Kuo Chuen & Linda Low

With the uninterrupted growth of the cryptocurrency market and the new class of FinTech companies born out of digital finance, this book illustrates how the underlying technology innovation may be applied to a wide range of industries and explores trends in FinTech, blockchain and token sales.

Inclusive FinTech: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO’s aim is to dispel the numerous misconceptions about cryptocurrencies and blockchain (especially bitcoin, Initial Crypto-Token Offering or ICO), as well as the idea that businesses can be sustainable without a social dimension going forward. It is a book for people who are interested in switching to a more meaningful and sustainable career or for those on the lookout for new business opportunities. The book’s primary hope is to change our mindset and show the potential that digital economy has.

Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Jargon-Free Insights and Tips for Blockchain Executives and Compliance Professionals

Simone Domenico Casadei Bernardi

Authored by a compliance adviser who works with a number of crypto-businesses and FinTech companies, Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Made Easy is the blockchain regulation compliance bible. Jargon-free and easy to assimilate, the book delves into the ins and outs of compliance and the ways you can benefit from it, discovers the strands of financial services regulation, the different sources of regulation and the regulatory models in the US and EU and explains how a number of directives and regulations might apply to your blockchain FinTech business. It also offers advice on what to do when things go wrong, discussing what the consequences of a breach are and what happens if the regulator starts an investigation.

This book is a vital read for compliance professionals operating in the blockchain FinTech sector, crypto business owners and senior managers, as well as journalists and bloggers who struggle to get their heads around compliance.

Blockchain Design Sprint

Moses Ma & Langdon Morris

The blockchain era is the next tsunami of digital change and it’s only getting started; expected to disrupt business models and inspire more change than ever before. Blockchain Design Sprint hopes to educate readers on the impact that blockchain will have on their businesses and help them develop a successful strategy for surviving and thriving in the blockchain era.

The workbook combines powerful techniques from Agile Innovation design sprints to increase creativity, as well as carefully designed exercises focused directly on building a blockchain business. Designed to prepare the reader for the remarkable future that the advent of decentralised financial services and the blockchain promise, this FinTech edition focusses on exercises and special content for the financial services blockchain developer.

FinTech: The Banks Strike Back

Yves Eonnet & Herve Manceron


Technology is changing the way the financial industry works as FinTech companies, BigTech firms, and the markets for third-party services continue to develop. Failing to keep up with the latest digital trends and hindered by cumbersome branch networks, traditional banks are fighting for their survival. FinTech: The Banks Strike Back is a book that examines not just the ways banks are responding to the FinTech thread, but also how they’re striking back through reinventing themselves.




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