Changing the Game: The Opportunities of Holistic Wealth Creation

As a leading nationwide IMO, Life and Annuity Masters leverage their strategic partners to create wealth for their advisers' clients. If your ideal prospect is a high-net-worth, business-owning millionaire, you increase your likelihood of success when you offer them more than just another insurance solution.

Business owners do not lie awake at night thinking about their executive bonus plans, how their buy/sell agreements are being funded, or if their key employees are adequately insured. 

The priority they have in mind is: “How do I maximise my company’s profits?”.

Their company is the source of their wealth, so the adviser with resources and solutions that bolster the client’s profits can go beyond traditional insurance sales and into an influential and respected advisory role.

By offering uncommonly good insights and tools that protect the client’s wealth and improve the source of that wealth, you become uniquely better than the thousand other agents trying to get that business owner’s attention and trust with single-dimension products.

Holistic Wealth Creation is how the best advisers win discriminating high-net-worth clients, and it’s the subject of this interview Quinn from Life and Annuity Masters conducted with Kirk from Holistic Wealth Creation for Finance Monthly.

In his role as head of business development for Life & Annuity Masters and Engineered Capital Gains Solutions, Inc., Quinn helps advisers through advanced sales and tax strategies to serve best their business owner clients and high-net-worth clientele. He works with CPAs, RIAs, property and casualty agents, and commercial real estate brokers to help them grow more valuable relationships with their best clients. Read the full interview below.

Quinn: You talk about “Holistic Wealth Creation” TM as a differentiator. How would you describe Holistic Wealth Creation and how does that help advisers and insurance agents create more wealth and get more clients?

Kirk: Agents who benefit most from adopting the HWC mindset have the vision of being exceptional in a sea of “ordinary” by offering uncommonly good advisory to a highly discriminating target audience of business-owning millionaires. Their teachable mindset allows them to learn the best insights on how to communicate so their message connects and resonates deeply, well beyond their previous efforts and the efforts of their current peers. The agents become brilliant advisers, consistently attracting great prospects, creating exceptional value, and winning handsome compensation. That’s the outstanding outcome of HWC so let’s breakdown the definition word by word:

First, ‘holistic’ refers to the whole of a matter, having no surplus, lack, or emphasis, which could diminish the best overall result. The emphasis isn’t on “selling a product” so the client’s focus isn’t misdirected and everyone’s energy isn’t wasted. When clients aren’t distracted by merely good things, you can bring their attention to outstanding outcomes with simple steps and never be pigeonholed as just another “annuity guy” or “life insurance guy” selling product but overlooking greater needs and exposures are left unaddressed.

Next, ‘wealth’. Not everyone with money has wealth. Ample money by itself still isn’t wealth but if you’ve gained significant amounts of money and have a mind at peace which the money ostensibly promotes, we could accurately call that ‘wealth’.

Finally, let’s describe ‘creation’. Many wealth managers don’t create, they simply take the money the high-net-worth client gives them and park it in a safe place, offering reasonable returns. Picture the exotic car of your dreams. Who would be more significant – the person who parks that car or the person who builds and gives you that car?

Quinn: So, this isn’t just semantics about which word to use. You’re about actually creating wealth, not just parking or managing it. How are you introducing your idea of holistic wealth creation?

Kirk: After a business-owning millionaire locks eyes on our Growth Chart, I say these words: “Mr BOM,  I will increase your cash flow, profit, and equity value by 10% so that if your company is worth $50 million on Monday it could be worth $55 million on Friday. If it’s worth $20 million on Monday, I can make it $22 million on Tuesday. With your permission, I’ll increase your net worth by millions of dollars without cutting any corners or requiring any risk and all I need from you is a single ‘day’.”

For any company, of any kind, anywhere in the US, if the BOM has a hundred employees, we’ll give him $100,000 to $400,000 per year. This usually increases cash flow, profit, and equity value 10% and the money can be used to fund premium finance solutions, annuities, and other specific solutions the agent offers which require upfront capital.

Quinn: Wow! That sounds like magic.

Kirk: It sounds like magic, but it works like science. All that money comes from just one place – our Dashboard.

Quinn: A picture is worth a thousand words but let me take a moment with this Dashboard. You’ve got nine different dials on it and some agents might already know an expert in telecom or freight or tax credits. I personally know about Cost Segregation or R and D tax credit. Is that what you do or are you doing something different?

Kirk: We take it for granted that almost all business owners, especially sophisticated high-net-worth BOMs, have already heard about cost seg and R&D tax credits. 20 years ago, they were barely understood but now we’ve gone from mystery to commodity and if you still talk about commodities like they are mysteries, you’re already dooming yourself as “not ready for prime time”. Talking about ordinary things in ordinary ways prevents you from being seen as extraordinary. It’s why so many agents who want to be Holistic Wealth Creating advisers are dismissed by discriminating high-net-worth BOMs.  They tried to pour their new wine into old wineskins.

Quinn: So, if I really wanted to sabotage my career and diminish my value, I’d say, “Mr business-owning millionaire, I have the best money management available and have you heard about annuities and universal life?” and that person would show me the door before I get a chance to say anything worthwhile. I’d have to start at with the outstanding outcome, like the perfect retirement and peace of mind, and then show how my annuity solution is uniquely better than offerings of 10,000 other people who claim they do the same thing.

Kirk: Exactly. When talking about common and obvious things, Holistic Wealth Creators offer uncommon insights. They also employ superior language.  Communicators know that “languaging” is the better part of “messaging”. Those communicators have the ability to operate outside their “assigned lane” and they do it intelligently and more convincingly when compared to ordinary consultants/agents.  Any dog can fetch a stick, and everyone can manage money and sell an insurance policy, but when you’re one of the greats, you insinuate ideas and ambitions into your clients so subtly that the client comes to think that all your great ideas are also his.

When talking about common and obvious things, Holistic Wealth Creators offer uncommon insights. They also employ superior language.

Quinn: So, what the adviser has to do is bring up an idea that the most astute business owner doesn’t know, and doesn’t know he doesn’t know, and then even after you explain still doesn’t know how to do without the adviser’s help. It seems great but I’ve got to tell you, it also it sounds like there are a lot of ways this could go wrong.

Kirk: There are a thousand ways to ruin a great idea. The kind of Holistic Wealth Creation we teach as is possible when an adviser does certain things to introduce the concept correctly. If he blows it with the BOM, he probably won’t get a mulligan.

Quinn: What’s the best way for an adviser who wants to introduce great new ideas like Holistic Wealth Creation or premium finance, or deferring capital gains taxes?

Kirk: Choose three words that summarise the outstanding outcome people get when they do exactly as you say. Whatever your “three words” are, make sure they are intriguing, compelling, and unimpeachable. Next, frame your opening statement with an ‘outstanding outcome’ so that it leads people to a single-word response: “wow!”. If they don’t seem impressed or intrigued, change the subject or end the conversation. If you don’t hear “wow”, don’t say “how”.

Quinn: I’ll guess that one of HWC’s words is ‘savings’? Do you like talking about that?

Kirk: Hate it.

Quinn: Wait, what?! Saving money is what you guys do.

Kirk: What we really do is increase net worth by millions of dollars. “Cutting cost”, “saving money” like “property tax refunds” and “lower utility bills” are simply a tedious means to a glorious end. Why should you blow your valuable opportunities saying: “Hey Mr BOM, I know a guy who can cut your utility bill?”. Who gives a rip? Do you think the BOM wakes up in the middle of the night saying: “Oh, my phone bill!!”? Is simply fiddling with his phone bill going to increase his wealth by millions? It’s boring and it distracts focus from the big picture. Plus, no one really wants to “save money”, they want to “make money”.

Quinn: So, you don’t talk about tax credits or reducing utility bills, you talk about the big picture, the outstanding outcome first and get people locked in on that. Which is that millions of increased net worth. Then, when the high-net-worth BOM asks for particulars, you probably go into some necessary details so that they know that it’s science and doesn’t feel like you’re promising magic.

Kirk: Exactly, then we tell them we need one thing from them which explains how all this “magic science” works. It’s impossible to do what we promise and do it without any upfront costs or retainer if we don’t get that one thing. The one thing is what I talk about in our training for Holistic Wealth Creators.

Quinn: Tell us about Outstanding Outcomes. Would that be like more wealth and less worry? Peace of mind? Funds to pay for strategic initiatives? Also, after that’s done, how specifically does that lead to more sales for the adviser or insurance professional who believes in Holistic Wealth Creation?

Kirk: Let’s say you’ve got a client and she’s got a $20-million business or a $20-million property. You want her to finance life insurance and it’s going to take a little bit of starter cash to get that going. So, when she says: “Hey, Quinn, this is great. I just don’t have the money” and it dies. But with HWC and a Holistic Wealth-Creating solution, the client uses the wealth you create in her business too, if, in your 100-employee company, I can show you where an extra $100,000 to $400,000 of extra money is, which you can use to fund this initiative. HWC is like the perfect extension cord the adviser plugs into his Christmas light display. Use HWC to bring about the outstanding outcome, the gorgeous Christmas light show the whole neighbourhood comes to see.

Quinn: And because it’s creating new wealth from their businesses and ultimately benefitting the estate and personal lives, it’s truly holistic. How perfect! Advisers who want to be true advisers and embrace Holistic Wealth Creation are going to be unique and in high demand.

Kirk: The rest will be stuck selling and promoting what 10,000 others are also trying to sell. The best will bring more value, gain more clients, and do more deals because their approach is uniquely better and far superior.

Quinn: How can agents learn how to do this?

Kirk:  We have the training and coaching to make advisers successful in Holistic Wealth Creation, provided they have the mindset and the commitment.


Financial services professionals are always looking for strategies to bring value to their affluent business owner clients. The world has no shortage of advisers and insurance brokers. What it does need are dedicated advisers who understand and practice Holistic Wealth Creation. If you’re serious about achieving new success levels in your practice with affluent business owners through Holistic Wealth Creation, visit

The team will provide you with uniquely valuable insights and products, so you can add more value and win more clients.

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