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Get Your Yacht Ready for Summer 2021

Despite the uncertainty that surrounds tourism and travel right now, we’re hopeful that 2021 will bring more opportunities for vacationing in the sun!

Posted: 29th January 2021 by
Katina Hristova
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And whilst we want to stay positive and still believe that the 2021 season will open for the summer, booking flights and hotels in the current environment might be a little bit presumptuous and risky. Planning a yacht trip though? This we can do – considering that chartering a yacht is certainly one of the safest ways to enjoy a holiday during a global pandemic.

This month, we introduce you to Roditis Yachting – a full agency offering a wide range of services to yacht owners holidaying in Greece’s stunning Dodecanese Islands. From berth reservations, customs and formalities assistance, fuel and lubricants supply, through to food and provisions, technical support, fiscal services, VAT clearances, imports and customs procedure, as well as arranging the issuance of a Greek Yacht Charter License - Roditis Yachting can take care of it all!

We caught up with the company’s manager Michalis Roditis to hear how they’re preparing for the upcoming season.  

Although yacht holidays are one of the safest ways to travel during a pandemic, it’s undeniable that 2020 was a difficult year for the sector. How did you navigate the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented you with last year?

2020 was certainly a difficult year for us. As a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Greek authorities implemented a number of strict measures, including a ban for certain nationalities, including travellers from the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia, who weren’t allowed to enter our borders. This restriction impacted us greatly as this is where our main clientele is from – both for private yachting and charter.

In addition to this, there were also border closures between Greece and Turkey and we saw a dramatic drop in yacht arrivals by almost 80% when compared to 2019. Fewer charter companies were able to fulfil their charters in the region as their contracts where strictly for embarking and disembarking at Turkish Ports only. However, we also witnessed a surprising rise in domestic guests who chose to charter a yacht as opposed to staying at a hotel. Foreign yachts which had a Greek Charter License also took advantage of the border situation.

It was a difficult year indeed and our business was down by 70%, however, the experience taught us a lot and we built the foundations for the challenges to come. This unexpected drop in demand motivated us to work hard to find new ways to make it happen!

How are you preparing for summer 2021?  

My background is in Commercial Shipping – a sector where no event can ever surprise us! In fact, over the years, ship operators have established a Safety Management System which consists of drills and crisis managing tools, including health management and outbreak issues. In line with this, Roditis Yachting will offer a unique service provision in 2021, which will include 100% electronic formalities and procedures, delivery of services based on an Outbreak Management Plan approved by WHO, which ensures that the use of vehicles and equipment, as well as the contact between our staff and the crew and the guests, will happen in the safest way possible. We are well prepared for this summer and are ready to guarantee the full safety of both our staff members and our guests!

Why should yacht owners consider using your services?

Since 1989, Roditis Yachting has proven to be a solution finder and a problem solver in all fields of yachting and maritime services provision. We’ve worked hard to build an amazing reputation and to deliver the highest level of services for everyone who chooses to trust us. Our agency has received many acknowledgements, including ‘Best Superyacht Agent’ at the Aegean Awards based on out first-class customer service, complete support, ample local knowledge, trust and transparency, long-standing contracts, efficiency, proactiveness, professionalism, open communication channels and value for money!

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