Lisa offers a DIY Happy Whole Human online program, and individual, family, and team coaching. She also mentors and certifies coaches in a program offered by the Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

Why do you recommend coaching to busy professionals?

Transformative coaching is a way to connect to your essential self and your core values and passionate purpose. On the deepest level, your true self is rooting for you. You know what you need and want and you know what to do. Beyond willpower, we tap into a deeper instinctual drive and intrinsic motivation and you will experience living from a flow state where you feel integrated and aligned with your core identity. From that place, it is easy to be authentic, decisive, productive, compassionate, creative and collaborative.

Judging from your own practice, what are some of the biggest changes it’s resulted in?

People improve the way they think, feel, and act in meaningful, measurable, and lasting ways. This results in more happiness, health, engagement, and productivity. We facilitate these changes in individuals and groups and track the changes over time with the validated HWH Self-Assessment and aggregate reports.

Go outside. Be still. Tune in to what is happening inside you and around you!

Tell us a bit about your way of coaching? What do you believe are some of the best practices when it comes to coaching?

My approach is client-driven, goal-oriented and holistic. It applies key insights from Family Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, ecopsychology, Change Management principles, negotiation strategies, and applied neuroscience. In customised group initiatives, including high-impact coaching and management consulting, I use my unique, scientifically validated HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) holistic wellness assessment program to identify and address hidden risk factors to health. As Happy Whole Human coaches, we work as sounding boards for clients to partner with them to expand their sense of themselves and achieve their goals, at the same time employing time-tested somatic approaches such as energy work and hypnosis to facilitate permanent and lasting transformation.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of that process? What is the most challenging aspect of the work you do?

It is tremendously rewarding to see clients shift into a completely new experience of themselves and enjoy well-being. Especially if they have a history of dis-ease, struggle, and dysfunction. I love seeing the changes in their relationships too!

What are your tips for living a happy and fulfilled life?

Go outside. Be still. Tune in to what is happening inside you and around you! Be independent, yet responsive to others. Snap out of approval seeking, guilt, shame, blame, and reaction and focus on what you and others need to move forward together. Figure out what will work best for you and all, including the environment. The environment is our biggest stakeholder.

Happy Whole Human’s corporate solution

At Happy Whole Human, the team knows leaders want to build successful companies through thriving employees. Employee wellness is essential for employee engagement. However, unlike productivity, they have no reliable way of measuring, tracking and improving employee wellness. Missing the data they need, they're concerned about their people and the future of their companies.

The pressure is so intense.

Happy Whole Human understand how overwhelming it is to want to improve but not have the information, training or resources to do it. That's why they are helping leaders like these transform their organisations using the Happy Whole Human program created by Dr Lisa Leit.

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) Self-Assessment is a scientifically validated health-risk assessment developed over seven years to assess 28 key dimensions of a balanced life in both individuals and populations and track changes of those dimensions over time both individually and in aggregate.

This evidence-based instrument and the corresponding coaching program allows leadership to objectively, and reliably measure employee wellness and improve it. A university study reported measurable improvement in virtually all 28 dimensions of wellness, including employee engagement, all in less than 90 days.

Happy Whole Human has partnered with Brillium, an enterprise-grade assessment solutions provider based in Florida, to deliver the health-risk assessment at scale with the capability of deploying and reporting on millions of assessments per month while also providing individualised growth-oriented feedback for every single one.

HWH is fully EEOC and HIPAA compliant and has been scientifically validated by the Validation Institute. It is quantitative and allows for rich aggregate data reporting. Armed with the appropriate data, leaders can engage in targeted interventions for at-risk individuals and groups long before things get to a crisis point. Leadership can also track custom Key Performance Indicators, measure program effectiveness, and empower front line workers.

Here's how the program works:

  1. Calculation: It starts with the wellness assessment for the company or a desired subset. Leaders receive the wellness data in an aggregate report. They’ll finally have the data they need.
  2. Education: The team trains leaders and managers on proven strategies to simultaneously improve employee wellness, increase collaboration, and boost productivity. They also provide employees with coaching and resources to improve their own wellness.
  3. Transformation: In as little as 90 days employers will notice a remarkable difference. Their people will get their spark back! Then, using routine ongoing assessments, they will see meaningful, measurable, and lasting improvements.

For information on how the holistic wellness program can help you and your organisation, contact Happy Whole Human at