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Payday Loans vs Instalment Loans

Banks issue loans not only through the issuance of loans. Clients can get a credit card or an instalment plan along with them. Which of the options to choose depends on the goals and conditions

Posted: 21st October 2021 by
Finance Monthly
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Banks will not approve a payday loan for every potential borrower while almost everyone will be able to arrange an instalment plan. Still, payday loans can be obtained in any convenient way along with instalments.

What Is A Payday Loan?

In general, a loan is a credit in which one party (lender) lends money to the other party (borrower) at interest. A borrower must repay the entire payday loan with a commission by the due date, you can use a payday loan calculator to calculate how much you can get. The interest rate on a payday loan depends on the length of the loan and the size of the payday loan. Interest can be influenced by the collateral or the participation of the guarantor.

A payday loan is a guarantee for the bank and insurance against financial losses. Moreover, if a borrower does not repay the payday loan, a bank will return the amount and interest by selling the collateral as the best option to pay off the payday loan.

Most often, a value that is more expensive than the issued amount is issued as a pledge. However, it is not very profitable as a borrower of a payday loan can lose property, and will prefer to pay off the lender promptly by paying the payday loan to the end.

Payday loans are not issued to all clients. Bank staff always check the credit history and rating of potential borrowers. The rating is based on past payday loans. If there are no debts, no delinquencies have occurred, then a bank will approve your payday loan.

If your credit history is bad and your debts are not closed yet, then they will most likely refuse to issue money as a payday loan. The situation can be corrected by highly liquid collateral or participation in a credit recovery programme. But in any case, even if the payday loan is approved, it will be at a high interest rate along with additional guarantees for the lender.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Payday Loans


The attractiveness of payday loans is due to their many advantages, including:

  • a simple and convenient procedure to obtain a loan without leaving home
  • quick access to cash as money can be credited to the account in 15 minutes after submitting the lending application
  • clear verification procedure
  • the first loan can often be free


  • the interest rate is higher than in the case of a traditional loan
  • availability of only small amounts
  • short term of repayment that is up to a month

Main Differences Between Instalments & Payday Lending

In order to determine what is the difference between a payday loan and an instalment one, a list of differences is given:

  • The number of sides. The instalment plan is formed between three parties: the seller, the bank, and the buyer. The bank may not appear in the agreement but it may also be included as a third party. Credit relations are bilateral: between the borrower and the banking institution.
  • Reasons for application. Instalment plans are issued only for the purchase of a service or product in a store. A loan is an amount of money that a bank issues to a client due to various purposes.
  • Terms of registration. When making an instalment plan, you do not need to fill out an application and wait for the bank's decision since the pledge is the goods that are purchased in instalments. If a buyer does not pay the monthly instalments, a seller has the right to confiscate the purchased item. The loan requires bank approval and no collateral is required.
  • First instalment. With instalments, there is usually a contribution that varies from 0 to 30% of the total debt. When applying for a loan, this concept does not occur, thus, only when applying for a mortgage.
  • Interest. By instalments, the interest rate is either zero or minimal. If a loan is issued, then the rate is indicated in the contract.
  • Additional payments. Hire purchase agreements often include mandatory additional fees. When purchasing household appliances, for example, this can be paid for service maintenance during the year as the insurance of goods. When lending from additional payments, there may be insurance. But in most cases, it can be legally waived.

What else differs from an instalment plan for a buyer is the closure of the debt before the expiration of the contract. In case of early repayment of a debt by instalments, fines and sanctions are not provided. For early payment of a loan before payday, certain banking institutions charge a fine. The validity of such a measure is authorised by the lending agreement. If it is spelt out there, then the bank has the right to charge forfeits.

What To Choose: Payday Loans Or Instalments?

An instalment loan is a reasonable choice when you need quick money for repairs. A payday loan differs significantly from a long-term loan (usually repaying it within a month). Some financial institutions offer the possibility of a refund within 60 to 120 days or offer rollover.

Due to the lower amounts, payday loans are more often provided without checking the credit history at the BIK than bank loans. They are associated with minor formalities. Money can be transferred to the specified bank account within a few minutes.

Financial companies sometimes provide the first loan for low amounts in order to find out if the client will be able to repay on time. If the borrower has confirmed solvency, it is allowed to take a loan for a larger amount next time.

How To Choose The Right Payday Loan?

Financial companies have their websites. However, reviewing and analysing offers is a wearisome task. To save time, it is worth using a salary comparison tool. Thanks to this, you will learn about the best deals on the market. Moreover, you will be able to quickly choose a loan based on your needs and capabilities without having to analyse the data.

To increase your chances, apply for a loan to several companies at once. Submitting only one application to several lenders, you will have access to a large number of offers. You will save time by choosing the perfect product from the comfort of your home. The legislation guarantees the financial security of borrowers when using quick loans online. They are becoming an increasingly popular financial support nowadays.

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