In London, the new hourly rate will stand at £11.05, while the new wage outside the capital will be £9.90. 

The Living Wage Foundation, responsible for setting the rates, said that almost 9,000 employers in the UK now pay the wage which is higher than the statutory National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour for adults. This will increase to £9.50 in April 2022. Since the launch of the Living Wage Foundation’s campaign two decades ago, employees receiving the higher rate have benefited from over £1.6 billion in extra wages. 

The foundation confirmed that new employers signing up to pay higher rates to staff include companies such as Fujitsu, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes, and Capita. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, over 3,000 employers have been accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. However, the foundation said that 4.8 million jobs in the UK still pay less than the Real Living Wage