At first, selling your home may feel like an invasion of privacy, as strangers come into your house, poke around the rooms, and open your cabinets and closets. Potential buyers can also openly criticise your most prized possession or offer less than what you estimate your house to be worth. To avoid these challenges and ensure that your house sells fast, you should consider working with cash home buyers.

Problem Property Pals are reputable cash buyers who won’t waste time during the sales process. Nevertheless, sellers should avoid the following common mistakes to ease the process.

1. Setting Unrealistic Price

One common mistake homeowners make when listing their properties is asking for unrealistic prices. Even though inspection and appraisal aren’t mandatory for cash home purchases, you should conduct a comparative market analysis to estimate the value of your property. Overpriced homes generally don’t sell or take long before finding a buyer.

Note that most cash buyers purchase properties as-is. They are searching for properties that can be transformed and sold for profit. This highly differs from selling to individuals who want to live in the house. Get familiar with the fair market value in your region and the prices of homes in your neighbourhood.

2. Selling During Winter

Unknown to most people, there is a right time or season to sell your home. Winter, especially during holidays, isn’t the best time to list your home for sale. This is a slow time to market your property, as people are occupied with social events, and the cold weather makes it appealing to stay indoors.

Listing your home during winter will expose the property to very few potential buyers. You will get very few offers, and it will take longer to sell your home. On the flip side, there are few competing sellers, and you can easily land a good deal. To avoid relying on luck, don’t list your home during winter.

3. Not Planning To Move Out

Most homeowners planning to sell their homes to cash buyers also fail to plan their exit strategy. You should plan to move out immediately after you start negotiating with cash buyers. The main advantage of selling your property for cash is to close the sale faster. Cash purchases can be completed within one or two weeks.

Once the buyer commits, you should plan to move out immediately. Otherwise, you will be caught unaware, not knowing where to go, if you don’t plan to move out sooner. Have a move-out strategy weeks before you start engaging with cash buyers.

4. Spending A Lot On The House

While maintaining your home is important, you shouldn’t worry about renovations when selling your property for cash. Cash buyers often buy houses as they are. Spending a lot on renovations doesn’t make sense if you intend to sell the property to cash buyers. Spending on valuable renovations only makes sense if you want to sell your house through a realtor.


While you can sell your property through various methods, selling to cash buyers is the fastest way of closing the sale. It is also safe, reliable, and eliminates various steps in the sale process. However, make sure that you set the right price, prepare to negotiate, and find the right cash buyers.