This is particularly necessary during overseas business trips or vacations, as your assets can be even more exposed to the financial repercussions of all sorts of disasters.

With that in mind, here is a rundown of the most important types of insurance to purchase if you’re traveling abroad this year.

Car insurance

Whether you’re driving your own vehicle across national borders, or you’re renting a car when you arrive at your destination, insurance is your best friend.

Some car rental operators have their own insurance packages in place, but these often come with all sorts of unforeseen caveats that might come back to bite you if you do need to make a claim.

For example, it’s better to work with car insurance experts if you’re traveling to the UAE or Dubai. That way you can find a comprehensive policy that meets your needs and your budget, while also being tailored to the particular quirks of the countries you’re visiting.

Health insurance

Your health is arguably your most important asset, and when you’re away from home there are all sorts of perils and potential pitfalls which can compromise it.

You don’t want a healthcare emergency to be compounded by the prospect of a big bill from a doctor or hospital, so once again insurance can ride to the rescue, whatever you face.

Health insurance for overseas travel has to encompass the kinds of activities you’ll be getting up to on your trip. This means that people who are just traveling for business need a different policy to someone who’s planning to participate in extreme sports, for example.

Gadget insurance

Another essential asset in the modern age is your mobile phone, and this might be one of several gadgets that you pack in your luggage to head on a holiday.

With a separate gadget insurance policy under your belt, you’ll be able to make a claim if your precious devices are lost or stolen, and even if they are damaged when you are in foreign climes.

Just remember that not all policies will cover you in every eventuality, so check the small print and be discerning in which insurance product you choose.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an all-encompassing term, but it can actually be unhelpfully broad because of just how many different packages it encompasses.

For example, some travel insurance deals will include some of the types mentioned above of covers, such as health insurance and gadget insurance, while others will not.

You really need travel insurance to step in should your plans be disrupted for any reason, whether that’s a delayed flight, an issue with the hotel, a cancellation that was out of your hands, or anything else.

You don’t want to be on a trip and find that you’re having to hand over even more cash to account for disruptive dilemmas like this, so insurance gives you the peace of mind that you can claim any expenses back when the dust has settled.

The bottom line

Attention to detail when deciding on insurance for international adventures is vital. You need to know your circumstances inside out in order to decide which package is most suitable, and you also have to do your research to ensure that the insurers you select are up to the task of helping you in worst-case scenarios.

While we can learn from mistakes, it’s better to know what can go wrong and take steps to avoid this in the first place, which is definitely true where international insurance is concerned.