Solid Financial Reasons to Hire an Event Planner for Your Company Holiday Party 

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s that time of the year again when you need to make sure that your employees have a great time during the last party that wraps up the year. It sets the precedent for what next year is going to bring, and it also helps end the year on a good note before everyone sets off for their vacation. 

Not to mention, this may be the first party that many new employees will be witnessing, so you’d want it to be a good one. 

However, there are so many things that need to be considered – right from the budget to the time, effort, and manpower required to plan and execute a great holiday party. That’s why most companies hire a professional event planner. 

These individuals are trained and come with years of experience in planning, coordinating, and executing huge parties for companies, even if it means doing it at the last minute. What’s more, you may even end up saving more money through an event planner than you would if you were to do it yourself. 

We’re going to walk you through all these reasons throughout the rest of the blog, so keep reading!

1 – They are resourceful

An event is going to need a lot of resources and vendors – right from the seating to the food, gifts, and decor – it can be a lot to handle. If you’re going to do this yourself, you’re likely going to have to shell out a lot of money to individual vendors as you try to find the best quality products and services in a limited amount of time. 

However, an event planner comes with all these resources in check, since they likely have been working with various vendors all year round for the different events they plan. 

For this reason, they may even have a deal with some vendors and will be able to get you better prices for everything you order. This way, you’ll end up saving way more by going through an event planner than by approaching individual vendors yourself. This way, you’ve saved yourself a ton of money and time by not having to hunt down vendors yourself. 

2 – They’re flexible and good at problem-solving

If there’s one thing about planning events is that you always need to have a “Plan B” and “C” ready, just in case Plan A fails. This is true for every single aspect of the event – starting with the venue, the lighting, the decor, the flowers, the seating arrangements, and everything else. 

The good thing about having a planner handle this is that they can be trained to think ahead and have different plans as backup plans in case the initial plan doesn’t work out at the last minute. 

Say there’s a sudden change in weather or a shortage of food – they’ll be able to execute the next plan with minimal confusion since they’re trained to think ahead and solve problems before they get out of hand. 

3 – You can’t beat them at organizing and planning

The best part of having an event planner is that you can completely trust them to take care of the entire event – not just certain parts of it. This applies to everything – starting with the invites, the venue selection, the seating, the food, the speakers, the special programs, the stage setting, and whatnot. 

They also have the right tools to help them do a better job at storing all this information in one place and also collaborating with other organizers and keeping everyone in a loop – so there’s no confusion. There are numerous apps in the market for this niche, but only a few of them stand out. 

If you’re wondering about which to go for, this article about Planning Pod vs Caterease talks about the main differences between the top-most competitors in the market and will help you narrow down the best. 

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