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CKB vs QNT: Main Characteristics

If today is the first time you’ve heard of CKB and QNT, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a description and comparison of the two coins.

Posted: 13th February 2023 by
Finance Monthly
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Choosing Between CKB vs QNT: Which Is a Better Investment?  

If you would like to enter the crypto world avoiding investing in renowned currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you should not worry about the scarce choice. There are thousands of less famous coins worthy of your attention — like CKB (token for Nervos Network) and QNT (token for Quant Network). Today, we will set CKB vs QNT in a side-by-side comparison to help you reach your own conclusion about which coin has a more promising investing potential.

Nervos Network Overview

CKB is a native token for Nervos Network, an open-source public blockchain and protocol collection. It was created in 2018 to solve the scalability issues traced in traditional networks. The Nervos blockchain is also used for building a new generation of applications — dApps.

This network took its name after the body's nervous system due to a similar dual-layer architecture:

  • Layer 1 — the Common Knowledge Base that uses proof-of-work (PoW) consensus and store-of-value properties;
  • Layer 2 — a computation layer where off-chain operations take place for high-performance transactions and improved security.

The Nervos token, CKB, is minable and can be used for executing smart contracts. You can also utilize it to store your assets or rent space in the Nervos blockchain. Behind these uses, CKB can be a value token as well.

Quant Overview

Back in 2015, Gilbert Verdian came up with an idea to create a network for interoperating multiple blockchains. In 2018, the idea saw its implementation with the launch of the Quant Network.

This is a kind of distributed ledger technology, which envisions itself as a decentralized “network of networks.” The Quant Network uses its Overledger operating system. Thanks to it, applications can work across different blockchains. Additionally, it ensures smooth communication between different types of distributed ledgers, databases, CRM systems, and other technology. 

People can create smart contracts within the Quant Network. Quant also allows building multi-chain apps or mApps — applications that run on multiple chains.

The network has a native token — QNT. Owners use them to get access to the Overledger operating system. QNTs are also handy for encrypting and signing transactions as well as transferring digital assets.

CKB vs QNT: Price History and Predictions

According to recent data, the price for a single CKB is $0.00243. This coin holds 199th place among other cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $77,454,696 and a circulating supply of 33,340,068,750 CKB. Compared to the past 24 hours, its price has declined by 1.25%. From the last 7 days, we can see an upward trend of +0.41%. As for the previous month, its price shrunk by 6.72%. For the future, CKB shows strong potential, and it may restore its ever-high value of $0.044 in 2023.

QNT promises to be a good long-term investment. These days, it is ranked the 30th largest crypto on the market. It is trading at $116.55 per coin, though its value has seen a 33% decline compared to the previous 24 hours. 12,072,738 QNTs are circulating on the market, which is 83% of the supply. The market cap makes $1,478,439,458.59 with $33,895,115.06 traded within the last day. The growing trend is also noticeable within the month - its value jumped by 1.19%. In a year, many experts agree that it will be traded at $303.02.

Choosing the Right Asset

The choice between CKB and QNT is guided by your needs. If you consider investing in one of these coins for trading, the QNT may be a more lucrative choice due to its higher value and more rapid predictable growth. CKB will become a good asset if you want to build a dApp on the Nervos Network.

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