The legal due diligence was conducted by Ranchino law firm, with a team of professionals led by Managing Partner Tommaso Ranchino and coordinated by counsel Felice Greco. Europa Investimenti acted as an adviser to the ACO fund for Italy, supported by Zenith Service as a master servicer and for the profiles relating to the management of the vehicle company. Avalon managed the due diligence on all real estate aspects of the transaction, which mainly involves UTP secured credits, with a team led by partner Federico Chiavazza.

Internally, the agreement was signed for Europa Investimenti by Daniele Patruno, Marco Grimaldi, Alessio Forconi, Stefano Moranduzzo, Gaetano Del Vecchio, Francesco Lupis, Cosimo Carrieri, and with the support of the internal legal team of Antonio Davideri, led by General Counsel Maria Giulia Vitullo. Alberto Pecis, Danilo Bonacina, Armando Longaretti, Marco Drago, and Giordano Pezzotta worked for BCC Bergamasca e Orobica.

“We are very pleased – says Tommaso Ranchino - to support, once again, the Arrow Group in this operation with BCC Bergamasca and Orobica Bank which confirms a strengthened virtuous partnership with the Bank. The four operations of these years mark a path of close collaboration between seller and buyer. these kind of partnerships are becoming increasingly necessary in a market in which classified creditor positions are transferred UTP with corporate  counterparties often still operating that require an immediate proactive management.”