Airfares, car rentals and hotel prices decreased by 1% to the year ending April 2024, prices remain 15% higher than 2019 levels.

The price of fuel, the shortage of aircrafts as well as the overall inflation and the pandemic plunging many airlines into debt they are still recovering from.


The cheapest way to book

  • When booking your holidays it’s best if you can be as flexible as possible to give you the cheapest options. Find the cheap flights first and then book the time off work and book your accommodation quickly so you don’t lose it.


  • Use incognito mode when you are looking for flights so the prices don’t go up the more you look on the same device.


  • Book your flights within 5 months and 1.5 months before your trip. There is no guarantee that leaving it until the last minute to book will get you cheap tickets. It is best to be prepared but don’t book it too far in advance either.


  • Book flights during the week as these will be much cheaper than the weekend. For example, flights to Barcelona in July vary within the week, Tuesday 16th – Tuesday 23rd could cost you £86.98 return flights with easy jet. However, changing this to Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th hikes to cost to £130.98.


  • Use flight comparison websites like SkyScanner or Kayak which can find you the best deals across various airlines and airports.


  • Be willing to use public transportation on holiday. Many large cities will have multiple airport when one is further out of the city. If possible you could fly into the cheapest one and find a public bus to get you into the city. This could be much cheaper than booking the convenient option.


  • If possible for you, avoid booking during the peak summer months of July and August. You will find cheaper deals in June and September and still be there for great weather and summer atmosphere.