The Green Party Promises



  • Raise National insurance to 8% for people earning over £50,270, this would affect less than 5m people. Someone earning £55,000 will pay £5.46 more a week or £283.74 a year.


  • Introduce a 1% wealth tax on assets over £10m and 2% for those over £1bn.


  • The promised changes to personal tax will allegedly raise between £50-70 billion a year by the end of next parliament. However, the institute for fiscal studies say the parties proposed figures would mean overall borrowing would result in being £80billlion a year higher than promised.


Healthcare and education

  • An extra £20bn for funding the adult social care services. The Green party believe that providing more support for older and disabled people at home and care homes would take pressure off the NHS allowing improvements in the NHS. They would make personal care free including support with daily tasks such as, washing, dressing and taking medication.


  • They pledge to increase the budget for the NHS by £8bn in their first year and by 2030 to provide £28bn more to the budget. With this they want to provide more public health delivered by councils to improve wait times and treatment waiting lists. This money is also allocated to a commitment to restore junior doctors pay which requires a 35% pay increase.


The environment

  • A £40bn investment per year in the shift to a green economy over the course of the next Parliament. The Green party have always and will be dedicated to the fight against climate change and protecting the environment which they add to their manifesto again this year.


  • £2bn per year in grant funding for local authorities to help businesses decarbonise. The Green Party believe that small and medium businesses should be a priority and pledge to support them in the economy.


  • Boost school funding by £8 billion including £2b for a teachers pay budget. As well as abolishing university tuition fees which would open up higher education for many more people.